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Mom of two going back to school to become a nurse.

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  1. Rocketeer

    Interview with a pain clinic- red flags?

    Update: I got the job! Thank you again for all the advice. I researched the facility and MDs' licenses and it appears to be a completely respectable place with a good record. It may not be a forever job, but it's a great foot in the door!
  2. Rocketeer

    Interview with a pain clinic- red flags?

    Thank you for the input everyone! Lots of great feedback. I'll treat the interview like any other- do my homework, and not judge the place before I even get there. I won't ask about the internet ratings, but just try to feel the place out for myself. I know that pain management is important, but the few bad apples and government crackdowns in my state make me a little nervous about starting out there. My ultimate goal is OR nursing and I'd like to get experience in a procedure clinic like this, but I don't want to be naive. Thanks again!
  3. Rocketeer

    Interview with a pain clinic- red flags?

    You wrote that just as I was responding, heron. You are right! Thanks!
  4. Rocketeer

    Interview with a pain clinic- red flags?

    Thank you, needshaldol. The "reviews" were on a few different websites, and were just polls about satisfaction, wait times, etc. I didn't see a lot of free response. But out of about 4 such sites with 10-20 responses each, the place only had a 30-40% approval (mostly directed at the lead doctor). But I realize that people usually only write reviews when they are unsatisfied, you usually don't hear from the happy patients on the internet. Thank you for a pain nurse's perspective. I'll keep an open mind. This would be great experience in procedural care, which I really want to get into.
  5. Hi all, I am a new grad and I have an interview soon for an ambulatory surgery/pain management clinic. The hours are great, the guy seemed very positive on the phone, and this could be a real opportunity. However, in researching the facility online, I found bad reviews- mainly complaints about wait times, rude doctors, etc. I already know some pain clinics have a bad rap, and now I have concerns about this job. Can anyone give me some key questions to ask in an interview that would raise red flags? What is the most diplomatic way to ask about poor patient satisfaction? What should a newbie nurse watch out for in one of these clinics? Thanks!
  6. Rocketeer

    Microbiology Lab Virtual Unknown

    Search your help section. I forget where it is, but there is a section that recommends the tests for gram + or - bacteria.
  7. Rocketeer

    Rodp microbiology tennessee

    Oh, and you can go to the website for the virtual unknown and download it for about $12. You'll have to turn in 3, but you can do as many as you want to play/practice with it. If you mess one up, just start another.
  8. Rocketeer

    Rodp microbiology tennessee

    hi johnny, i can't reply to messages yet, so i'll answer your questions here. 1) how do they know if the mid-term and final are proctored. also- how many questions are on each exam. for the proctored exams, you will have to make an appointment and go to the testing center at your closest community college. i went to nashville state for the tests, though i was enrolled at columbia state and that was fine. the regular exams are about 50 questions, i think the lab and final were more. i can't remember exactly. 2) do i really need the book, since all the information is listed in the course content section. if you want to pass, you will need the book. i bought the previous edition to save money, and there was no real difference. the older edition is white, and the newer is black, if you want to look on ebay or half.com. 3) are there any other test, besides the mid-term and final that are timed. all the tests are timed, i think they are 1 or 1.5 hours. you have to download a special browser to take the exams and it does not let you open up anything else on your computer so you can't google answers. yes, you are at home and your book is there, and i know people use that, but with the time limit you cannot finish the exam if you have to look up every answer- you really do need to study the material. 4) do this class show up as - "microbiology 2230" or "intro to micro 2230" on your transcript. it's microbiology 2230. it should be accepted throughout tn as your micro prereq. i can vouch that columbia state accepts it. one note is that the facilitator of this class seems to use every trick in online teaching. there are outside websites to check your term paper for plagiarism, assigment dropboxes, the vu software, and the lockdown browser. be sure that you are comfortable with your computer and being able to figure out the different software. i think this course would be overwhelming to someone who barely uses computers. there is a quiz, assignment, or test pretty much weekly (or at least it was in the summer course). give it a try- definitely take micro before you get into your nursing program. i can't imagine micro on top of my current work. good luck! rockteer
  9. Rocketeer

    Rodp microbiology tennessee

    I took this class last summer. It's ok, and it gets the job done for your prereq's. Check with your nursing dept- I think all TN schools accept RODP online classes, but better to check beforehand. You will need to buy the book and the Virtual Unknown software. You will be teaching yourself the material, and the VU is your lab- it's like a computer game where you have to do experiments to identify a bacteria. You will need to use/borrow a PC- the VU would not run on my Mac. The load is intense, with lots of reading and assignments. There is a term paper. The tests are done at home on the honor system, but the first lab test and final are proctored. Online micro is a great option if you can't do an on-campus class, but you have to be disciplined and keep up with the work. Good luck!
  10. Rocketeer

    RODP Micro Biology ?

    I did this over the summer too. I found it very time-consuming for an online class- the assignments, term paper, tests, and virtual unknowns all squished into 8 weeks. You basically have to teach yourself the material, and you don't get to do the "fun" lab stuff which helps if you're a visual learner. I would have preferred to take it in a classroom, but I'm glad I did it and got it out of the way before nursing classes began.
  11. Rocketeer

    First week of NS. Any misconceptions?

    I've had a very positive first week too. I know it will be demanding, but I have positive instructors who have made us aware of all the resources we have to succeed, and who make us comfortable and excited about nursing. The other Nursing 1 students are very friendly, and I think we'll work together well. Maybe it helps that my ADN program seems to skew a little older- lots of people in their 30s with work, families, etc. so I don't think there will be a lot of drama. All in all, I feel less scared of nursing school now than this time last week. :)
  12. Rocketeer

    watch with sweeping second hand?

    I recently bought a watch for nursing school, and the package just says "Japan movement". Is this sweeping second hand? I assume it must be the right kind because it is a jelly band watch that I picked up at Life Uniforms, but I haven't opened it yet in case I need to return it.
  13. Rocketeer

    Microbiology and Anatomy and Physiology II online?

    Since you are in TN, check out the Regents Online Degree Program (RODP) class offerings. I'm currently taking Micro online, and I did verify that my nursing program accepts it (Columbia State). I just don't know if there will be another course offered that ends before mid-October. The one I am in runs June- August and it's too late to join now. Good luck!
  14. Rocketeer

    Warning about Columbia State.

    I'm not sure as I haven't started yet, but my friend who did the program 5-6 years ago said they did clinicals all over: nursing homes, Williamson Co. Med Center, Vandy Childrens, Southern Hills... sounds like a good exposure to different places in Nashville.
  15. Rocketeer

    Columbia State Columbia Campus Info

    I don't have any info, but wanted to say good luck! I'm starting this fall at the Franklin campus. :)
  16. Rocketeer

    CSCC Nursing School Uniform

    Thanks for the information and tips! I'll be starting this fall at the Franklin campus. Reading ahead sounds like a good idea- I'll try to fit that in around Micro this summer.

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