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  1. RunnerGirl09

    Applicants to Portland area schools

    I got my acceptance letter to PCC today as well. I am declining the spot as I also found out on Saturday that I got in to the OHSU - Portland BSN program. Good luck to you waitlisters and congrats to those who get good news today. RG
  2. RunnerGirl09

    Linfield College ABSN 2012

    I got my acceptance letter yesterday as well. WooHoo!!! I am waiting on OHSU, like many of you, so we will have to see what April brings.
  3. RunnerGirl09

    Accelerated A&P at PSU

    Thanks to all that have responded. Registration is starting May 3rd and I have some serious thinking to do this weekend. To the poster who took this class last summer, do you think that having the classes so close together and so condensed was helpful in that you didn't have time to forget anything in between terms? While it would be great to be completely free of all obligations (for study purposes), I do have a family with 3 kiddos....maybe the class would be good practice for what life would be like if I make it to nursing school.:) RunnerGirl09
  4. I am considering taking the whole A&P sequence over the summer and would like some feedback. It is three classes, back to back for 12 weeks. Class for 3 hours and lab for 3 hours 4 days per week. If I can get all 3 done with A's then I can apply to nursing school one year earlier. Has anyone done this or is doing it? Any advice? Would you do it again? I have three kiddos at home, 18 mos, 5 and 7 and plenty of help from my spouse. Thanks in advance for your opinions. RunnerGirl09
  5. RunnerGirl09

    Accelerated A&P at PSU

    I noticed that PSU is offering all three A&P classes this summer in a shortened time. Has anyone taken all three classes in one summer? Would you do it again? Any advice regarding this class load would be great. I can apply to nursing school one year earlier if I take these classes successfully. Thanks RunnerGirl09

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