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    DNP required soon?

    Due to the culture that we live in saying doctor in any type of healthcare setting is misguided unless one has completed medical school, internship, residency and passed all the perscribed testing. I don't feel that the person that has completed a DNP, PharmD or PhD would be so bold as to think they would not be misunderstood. Most individuals that I know that have this title are very aware of what they do and don't know. This would then lead me to believe that they should understand why the title should be used with caution at different times. I also don't feel that the patient really cares what high degree goes after the name but more what kind of care is delivered. We all have examples of really educated people making mistakes. Yeah the whole human error thing. I am slightly saddened by the idea that we(healthcare providers) have become more concerned about titles and not about what is best for the patient. Confusion on top of pain , nausea, fear, helplessness, and all the other things that happen when an ill or injured person comes to us is not needed. We are all a team and in most cases we all should have the same goal. Speaking to nurses vs doctors vs ect ect ect. Once again what is best for the patient. Own who you are and what you are doing, every part of the team is needed. Is a nurse as well versed in the intrinsic vs extrinsic pathway and its effect on the patient in DIC post trauma and eclampsia, probably not. Can the nurse learn yes. Is a MD/DO as well versed it what it takes to get four studies set up for the patient get them to the test sites and what is needed while at the test sites to maintain care all while understanding that oral care shortens length of stay? Probably not but can a (danger here) Doc learn. Yes. In my opinion Doctor xyz and Nurse pqrs have roles to play and as we ahve learned on without the other and M+M slides a little further into the grim reapers court. Short of the long just be nice and humble the patients like it. Unless its a busy night in the ED and your patient just punched a team member then order the vit H with an assertive tone.

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