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  1. bailey622

    Hesi Exit Test

    Does anyone have any info on v5??? I really need help and have info on 1-4. Thanks!
  2. does anyone have any info about hesi versions 1 or 4? i have some info about 2 and 3 and need help as i have to retake the exam again.
  3. bailey622

    Help HESI exit exam.

    I am taking the exit hesi again after multiple attempts and need help! I cant seen to pass and have to pass this next time! Any help would be great!! This test is crazy!
  4. bailey622

    exit hesi help

    Taking the exit hesi multiple times and need help!!! is there anyone available for tutoring or general info?
  5. Yes you can. I am an evening weekend student at baptist about to graduate and have worked the whole time.

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