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    Maryland Area Job Hunt

    It has become harder and harder to look for jobs now. If anyone who got hired in this area, what did you guys do to get hired? I have had only one interview with no call backs and its going on 7 months since I graduated with an ADN from HCC. Most posts seem to be only looking for BSN new graduates, ADN from specific schools, or 2 year of experience min. I have applied to Adventist Health, Some LTC, St. Agnes, Maryland and even some of the Hopkins Affiliated hospitals that are still hiring ADN's. Most connections I have ask have all told me to just apply online and wait for someone to call. When I call to find out my status, it states not to call either on the phone or online, or they hang up on me. I'm wondering if I did something wrong. So tell me what you guys did different to get noticed?? Are there any other facilities that hire new grads??

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