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  1. Thank youGrntea, Can I talk to you in private? (email or phone) You have great ideas. My email: buyitnow20@gmail.com
  2. Mass, 2months and half
  3. Actually the homecare co.I work for is a sister Co. to the biggest hospital in my state.So all pts discharged and in need of home care are sent to us. So it's a bit different from my start up home care agency. Thanks though for your input.
  4. I just got the license in mail today for my homecare agency.I have been working in homecare for 4 years as field nurse (never in management). I know for I will be taking strictly private pay for now as I am not yet medicare certified (I applied). I am open to do skilled nursing services,HHA,Homemaking. Any idea on how can I get that first patient? Thanks for your help. P/S feel free to use my private email: buyitnow20@gmail.com

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