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    Pensacola nursing schools good?

    My experience at PJC was pretty terrible... as far as some people saying "You get in what you put out." That infuriates me. I only had to be at school 3 days a week for classes and clinicals yet I went there 5 days. Almost all day on each. I read the book, went over powerpoints and notes, did the objectives, listened to recorded class lectures and had a study group. I did NOT get what I put out. I talked to my teacher 3 times about my low grades and all she could tell me was she doesn't know what she could do for me. If anyone challenged a question they didn't understand she would get angry with you. I did awesome in clinicals and lab. Never failed any practicums.. I just could not get the hang of the class tests. Nursing is all about critical thinking... yet they also say that as a nurse you can have a lot of your own opinions on how to do things. So pretty much all of the questions I missed were about "therapeutic answers" and what is the best response. It was rediculous. Apparently my opinion is just too different from the teachers that made these tests, and even though everyone else in my class could train their minds to think like theirs... I couldn't. I felt like the only time I learned was in clinicals with real experience. I passed the Hesi exam with no problem and PJC doesn't make up the questions. I was miserable at PJC the whole time and though many people succeeded and liked it, doesn't mean that those that didn't have a good experience didn't do their best. Anyway, the point is that PJC has bad reviews for a reason, and not because soo many people just didn't try to do well in the program. I have still NEVER heard a bad thing about Jefferson Davis, so that is where I am going to apply to now and go for my RN because I know that's what I want to do and I would be an awesome nurse. Oh and on the first day of orientation, they told us to look at the person to your left and that person will fail the program. That was their "inspirational speaking." I don't believe that trying to scare students away just to see who is strong enough to be a nurse is the right thing to do. Starting school was so emotionally overwhelming and you had so much new information to learn pretty much on your own, it was just too much and PJC did nothing to help. Some people just need a little more time to take everything in, I know I did.

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