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  1. UcStudentNurse

    Cape Fear Valley - New Grad program

    I am really hoping to get into the ED program as well. Sent you a PM with a couple questions. Thanks !
  2. UcStudentNurse

    Cape Fear Valley - New Grad program

    Hello all, I recently graduated in June from the ADN program at UCBA in Cincinnati. I moved up here from Wilmington where I worked as ED registration @ NHRMC and always hoped to get back on there as 7 years away from the beach is WAY too long. I have had 0 luck getting selected for an interview there but then I came across the Nurse Academy at CFV. I had a great conversation with the recruiter and feel good about the possibility about getting on there. Has anyone gone through or currently in this program? IF how how do you like it and how was the interview process? On paper this looks like an amazing opportunity and exactly what I was looking for as a new grad.
  3. UcStudentNurse

    Cape Fear Valley Hospital residency program

    I just submitted my application for this program starting Feb. I had a great conversion with the recruiter and she sent me the "packet" to fill out and return. It sounded positive that I may get an interview so fingers crossed. How was the interview process for you guys and do did you feel like the program was a good choice?
  4. UcStudentNurse

    Passed with 265! PVT worked

    So I'm stoked that I passed Wednesday I am bummed it took 265 but a pass is a pass! Now to get a job and move out of Ohio back to Nc!!
  5. UcStudentNurse

    Nclex on Wednesday!

    I think I walked out of there at like 10:30 so about 2.5 hours for me as well. I tend to go to fast on those online tests which is probably why i took 265! It was not a pretty sight when I came home I was sooo mad at myself. When that pop up box showed up on the screen I burst into tears which isn't pretty seeing a 6'3 210 guy crying like a baby lol!!! All the years of stress and the initial thought that I failed built up I guess.
  6. UcStudentNurse

    Nclex on Wednesday!

    I was actually happy with each SATA question I saw as I thought I was doing well, but damn never dreamed I would have to take 265. I'll take some solace in the fact the usually the PVT is accurate and hopefully there will be a license number by my name tomorrow.
  7. UcStudentNurse

    NCLEX-RN - 265 questions - PVT

    I just left the testing center here after taking all 265 questions and assumed I failed. Seemed impossible that I passed. did the PVT and got the pop up. God I hope that its accurate. I know countless of people have done it and its been correct. Is there a time limit to how low you wait to do it.
  8. UcStudentNurse

    Nclex on Wednesday!

    What an epic nightmare that was. I sat down feeling pretty confident right off the back bam SATA questions I think Im doing pretty good. They keep popping up, SATA, Priority, passing lever questions from what Kaplan told us. Questions 75 comes and goes, 100, 150, 200, crap crap crap I'm bombing this 250 ugghhhh 260 oh well ill take it again 265... just get me out of this room. Tears on the way home frustrated ticked off whatever. Log in with credit card in hand to reregister and I get the beloved pop up. God I hope that trick works.
  9. UcStudentNurse

    Nclex on Wednesday!

    Good luck Otizz. I'm about to leave my house as well! Trying to eliminate getting stuck in traffic. One less anxiety builder to worry about. I don't think I have the guts to do the Pvt. Would really have to find out I failed that way
  10. UcStudentNurse

    Nclex on Wednesday!

    I'm not planning on doing much tomorrow. Probably gonna go get something unhealthy for lunch and go watch batman.
  11. UcStudentNurse

    Nclex on Wednesday!

    Well the time has come. I'm scheduled to take the test @ 0800 on Wednesday and to say I am nervous is an understatement. Things went so well for me during my 2 year program had a B average never really struggled to hard, won a couple awards things were good. Then the Hesi Exit exams came along. I failed the first 2 with 760 and 764 and finally passed the last one with 984 but those two fails totally crushed my confidence hard to believe that it all comes down 75 to 265 questions! I feel like I have studied my tail off. Took the Kaplan course averaged about 55% on the Questions trainers which is pretty low, but got a 63% on the readiness and about 60% on my Q bank. I just took the practice test 3 thats all about who do you see first and got a 74%. I HOPE im ready!!! No real point to this post just had to vent :)
  12. UcStudentNurse

    Saying a Prayer

    Do you guys know any little prayers that you can say when asked to pray with a patient. Iv been in this situation before and dont really know any prayers but its something I dont mind doing the it helps put them at ease.

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