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  1. penny86

    Columbia ETP v. NYU 15-month accelerated 2010

    Thanks so much for everyone's advice- I decided to go with NYU for a number of reasons including financial aid, timing, location, etc. I really appreciate everyone's input, and I can't wait to meet you NYUers in the fall!
  2. I need advice! I was accepted in February to the Columbia ETP program for PNP, and have now been accepted to the NYU 15 month accelerated program, and if I went there I would like to continue into the dual degree option (Does anyone know how hard that is to do?) As far as I can tell, they're very similar programs in terms of size, cost, location, clinical sites, and school ranking (Columbia at 19, NYU at 26), but in terms of the actual programs and which school might serve me better, I'm not sure what to do. I also have a few outside issues that make starting at Columbia in June difficult (I'm a current masters candidate elsewhere and have summer semester- my program is letting me finish through projects/correspondence, but it's not ideal for either one to be doing them concurrently), I also have a lease in LA thru August, have a few pre-req things to finish out that are pushing the June deadline, and didn't receive on-campus housing for Columbia during the summer. I did receive NYU housing and since it starts in the fall, the timing/pre-req issues are taken care of, which makes it appealing. I guess my real questions are why should I go to Columbia over NYU? What would I be missing out on at Columbia if I chose NYU? What are the strengths of the programs over one another (if I plan apply to the dual degree program at NYU)? Giving up Columbia because of timing seems silly, but maybe I just think Columbia is better because of the name? I've heard they have had some nursing school issue recently, but I don't know what they are. Also, the newness of the NYU program makes me somewhat nervous. Thoughts on NYU v. Columbia nursing? Thanks!! And good luck to everyone still waiting to hear/decide
  3. penny86

    NYU Accel. BSN Fall 2010

    I was just accepted to the NYU accelerated program on Saturday, and I'm very excited! However, I was accepted to the Columbia ETP program earlier in the year and already had to commit to them. I am planning to get my masters (PNP) at the end of the 15 months at NYU, although it would give me some flexibility with where I went for my masters if I wanted it, I guess.... I'm currently getting my masters elsewhere in a different area, so going to Columbia would require me to leave my program early, since the ETP program starts June 2nd. My current program is allowing me to conditionally graduate early (we have summer semester), but there are a lot of pre-req hoops to jump through for Columbia, and I would have to move right away, before my current apt lease is up. Does anyone have any strong opinions about why one program might be better than the other? Or why I should go to Columbia over NYU despite the logistical problems? More info/opinions on either program would definitely be helpful! There are a lot of other considerations that go into it, but I don't want to bore you all :) Congrats to everyone who got in and good luck to everyone still waiting- it's impossible!!

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