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  1. majik310

    2010 Summer GEM at Rush

    I am also starting in Winter '11!! Very excited : )
  2. majik310

    Online Nutrition Course??

    Is the online class at Truman a lot of busy work? And do you have to go in for a written test?
  3. majik310

    Online Nutrition Course??

    Hi! I am starting nursing school in January, but still need to complete my nutrition pre-requisite. Does anyone know of any online nutrition courses? I would love to do it online so I can clear more of my schedule for work. Thanks!
  4. majik310

    Depaul MENP vs. Loyola ABSN

    I have decided to go to DePaul, thanks you! Next step....registration! After being through the program, do you have any advice on how to spread out my classes/labs. I basically just have to choose when to take lab. From your experience, is it best to take both labs on the same day and then only have to be on campus 3 days of the week? Or should I space them out? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. majik310

    DePaul's MENP questions

    I have am starting at DePaul this September and was wondering if any of you have insight on how to schedule my classes? It is advised to space out your labs on two different days, or it is nice to only have to go to campus 3 days a week?
  6. majik310

    Loyola-Chicago ABSN

    I was also recently accepted to the Loyola ABSN program. However, I cannot decide between Loyola and Depaul...any thoughts? I am also waiting to hear back from Rush, but because their cohort doesn't start until January, I'm afraid I won't hear back anytime soon.
  7. majik310

    Depaul MENP vs. Loyola ABSN

    I was recently accepted to both DePaul's Masters Entry Nursing Program and Loyola's Accelerated Bachelors in Nursing program. I am having difficultly deciding where to go. I understand the programs are different in that one is a masters and the other is a bachelors degree, however, I don't quite know how professionals view having a Generalist masters in nursing verse a BSN. Does anyone have any insight on either of these programs? Thanks!

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