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I'm young exciting individual who loves to have fun and learn new things!

JasWebbBSN-RN's Latest Activity

  1. JasWebbBSN-RN

    LPN pay versus RN pay in AR?

    New Grads in the Little Rock, AR area $19-20 starting out with BSN
  2. JasWebbBSN-RN

    Future of PSI, Inc and UHS?

    Aurora21....Hi! I was wondering how your experience is going so far......I am a new grad that has an interview set for next week a psych facility....I ogrinally wanted to go into a med/surg type thing but this is the only call back that I've gotten so far so Im considering it...
  3. JasWebbBSN-RN

    Becoming a Paramedical Insurance Examiner as an R.N.

    Hello! This is very late response but I was curious to whether you did the job as a medical technician. I'm a new grad needing some extra money in the interim of finding a job.
  4. JasWebbBSN-RN

    Considering relocating to the Texas area from Arkansas.

    @ RN2BDFW.....Thanks for the response.. @NeoNurseTX .....Forney, TX and surrounding areas.
  5. JasWebbBSN-RN

    Any new grads having a hard time finding a job??

    Really not trying to relocate right now but thanks tho......It might become and option to relocate if I don't get a job by the end of the month. Good luck to you and your studies!
  6. JasWebbBSN-RN

    Where do Nurses Work in Arkansas?

    Thanks....I'll probably give the nurse recruiter a call just to make sure.....I saw a couple that stated "1 yr of acute care preferred" so since its not required makes me think its okay for new grads to apply. Good luck to you in your search for a job! Ive never been to Mountain Home do they only have one hospital?
  7. Hi! I'm also considering relocating to the Texas area from Arkansas. Does anyone know about the best places to work as a new grad!?
  8. JasWebbBSN-RN

    Any new grads having a hard time finding a job??

    Im having a somewhat of a hard time finding a job! It's becoming a bit frustrating. I passed my exam in December 2010 and jumped right on applying for hospitals.....all of my apps and still in review and then all of a sudden the position disappears. I thought there was a nursing shortage! Apparently NOT!
  9. JasWebbBSN-RN

    Master's in nursing with low GPA of 2.4

    You might need to try the University of Phoenix....That's what I am looking into....my GPA is a 2.73. Most schools in my area want you to have a 3.0 and if not that a 2.85......So I'm looking into the U of P....for a masters in Education/ Health Admin in nursing. The only downfall with them is that they are so expensive.
  10. JasWebbBSN-RN

    New Grad in Arkansas?

    So did you have any luck with finding a job in Arkansas....Im a new grad looking for some good opportunities.
  11. JasWebbBSN-RN

    Getting Hired at UAMS

    I wonder is there still a hiring freeze even though they have many new grad level I positions posted?
  12. JasWebbBSN-RN

    Where do Nurses Work in Arkansas?

    Hi Witty3! I see where the hospital in Conway has a lot of RN positions available.....even though it doesn't specify RN level I or New Grad position....Is it safe to apply?!
  13. JasWebbBSN-RN

    Which AR hospitals have a hiring freeze?

    I saw where Children s Hospital currently has a freeze. As far as UAMS I've submitted an application beginning of January and its still being reviewed.
  14. JasWebbBSN-RN

    Master's in nursing with low GPA of 2.4

    Is that a good or bad thing! lol
  15. JasWebbBSN-RN

    It's official, I'm a RN

    I just found out I passed today! Thank God! =)

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