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  1. Hi All. I am really hoping for feedback before I meet with administration and HR tomorrow. I work as the Lead nurse for a Collaborative. We have medically fragile, autistic spectrum and behavioral students. I have over 10 years of school nursing in public and Collaborative school. I have been at this job 10 weeks and already feel my mental health as well as my license are in jeopardy. Administration is very adversarial and challenging me when I inform them of our state laws regarding many issues. Anyways..I digress. I was just informed that I am expected to be responsible for finding and arranging substitute coverage for our schools. Are any of you required to do this? Also I was told I need to arrange coverage for "transportation" bus nurse. I point blank refused.There is no time. I pass 25-30 meds a day while dealing with all the "usual" medically fragile,seizure, behavioral issues. Any feedback would be really appreciated.
  2. lakewin

    Sunbridge/ For profits

    I am looking for feedback from anyone that may work or HAVE worked for Sunbridge.Solamor Hospice is one of their companies. They generally provide Hospice care to the facilities that Sunbridge owns.They are a "for profit" hospice.All of my experiences have been with local "not for profit" agencies in the Ma & NH area.I get a sense that some of the larger for profits have skeletal staff and that several staff members that are 'shared' between sites. Any information would be appreciated.
  3. lakewin

    The "older" Hopsice Nurse

    I agree with you that it is like no other work. I guess my main concern is the call requirment. Getting out of bed at 2 AM to do a visit of ( a minmim of) an hour away. It seems more difficult as we age. The call requiremnet is minimal thlugh.Thank you for your input
  4. lakewin

    The "older" Hopsice Nurse

    :nurse:I am a 52 year old RN who left Hospice 3 years ago because I was tired of the call/weekend/holiday issues. I miss the work a lot,and tried to fill that void with being involved on the volunteer level.I switched to school nursing, which of course has INCREDIBLE hours , very good hourly pay and no holidays/weekends/call etc. It also has very minimal sense of personal reward. I took the job figuring it would be a job I could do into retirement. I have TRIED to make the job better, but I still miss hospice nursing. I know that I may not be able to do (home) Hospice nursing till I retire, but I figure I could still probably have several great years left. I am in pretty good health, with the exception of some hip bursitis and rotator cuff problems. I have been offered a position with minimal call/weekend requirements . As I remember, most of the Hospice nurses I worked with were in their 30's or 40's. I would love input from others in my age range,about the challenges/joys/tips that are different with our age group. Thank you .

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