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  1. iwannabeanurse2010

    *Tri-C Fall 2010 *

    Thanks, I received them in the mail on Thursday night! I guess as long as I got my first round of shots by 6/4 I should be ok...
  2. iwannabeanurse2010

    *Tri-C Fall 2010 *

    Hi future nurses! Has anyone had any trouble getting past immunization records from a previous Dr's office (Kaiser)? I need to get current immnuizations but I think I will have to just get the shots all over again with how long they are taking to get my medical records.
  3. iwannabeanurse2010

    *Tri-C Fall 2010 *

    Hi everyone! I received my orientation pack in the mail. I just want to ask a question about the background check. I have paid for mine online and wanted to know if anyone has gone to get the fingerprinting done yet? I work fulltime and want to get it done but it says that you have make an appointment after 5pm. Has anyone done this? Do you know how long it will take for the appointment?

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