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  1. islandlife

    Excelsior A & P Exam

    Thank for the info i will look into it.
  2. islandlife

    Excelsior A & P Exam

    I am also an LPN and going through excelsior. I am currently studying for A&P so i cant tell you about the test but i got a 69% on social gerontology pretest but an A on the actual exam if that helps. Missingmyerica just curious what is straightline?
  3. islandlife

    South Florida LPN needs help!!!!

    I have also been looking for work in the Fort Lauderdale area for a year and havent gotten anything. I know it may not be an option for everyone but we have decided to leave the area and go to the west coast of Fl. I know there hiring in the daytona beach area, i was offered two positions there in the last month. Maybe thats an option?