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  1. Sally Lou

    CNA night shift??

    It's not easy. You will be picking up the slack of all the things that the 3-11 shift didn't do. It will screw with your sleep schedule. I haven't worked since Oct and here i am at almost 2:30am still wide awake.
  2. Sally Lou

    Home health problem

    I encounter a creepy old man doing home health. He was always saying things and trying to grab me. Of course, he did none of this when the family would come into the room. When i first called the agency i was working for a told them the response was to "keep away" from him. Umm, i'm supposed to do that how? When i have to feed him and provide him with ADL care. I complained more and they finally took him off my schedule.
  3. Ditto going in person. I would go in the morning. A good time of yr to apply is right around the corner. July/August is considered the best time of the yr to apply for CNA jobs. My last job i applied in the end of June, and they called me a wk later.
  4. Sally Lou

    Terminated from my first CNA job.

    I would totally fight this. Go to the DON and tell them you were put on without your consent.
  5. Sally Lou

    Cna test on Monday

    I was nervous too. I only had to do pulse, and ROM (shoulder, arm, wrist, fingers). Good Luck!
  6. Sally Lou

    Thinking about going to Nursing School, should I be a CNA first??

    One of the definate pro's to being a CNA first. Nursing homes will pay either 100% (mine did this) or give tutition assistance for nursing school after 1 yr working with them, they usually only require you stay with them 2-3 yrs after.
  7. Home Health Aide. You do get both certifications.
  8. I did the Red Cross CNA/HHA program here in Massachusetts. Fulltime is days for 4 wks and 2-3 days of clinical. Unemployment may pay for this, you'd have to check. Part-time (what i did, i still worked my fulltime job) was 3 nights a wk for 6 wks and 3 days of clinical. It was a little over 1K and that included the book. You bought own scrubs. It thought it was awesome. When the class is done the instructors will let you use them (ask) for a reference for a job.
  9. Sally Lou

    Brightstar home health.... Not sure what to expect?

    I worked for Brightstar for a little over a yr. They interviewed me and did my paperwork and then hired me then and there. They are great for being flexible with hrs. You get alot of one on one time with the clients. The drawbacks? If one of your clients goes into the hospital you lose those hrs. They don't reimburse mileage unless you go 30 miles ONE way. They would schedule me places that were 27 miles away, it ate alot of gas.
  10. Sally Lou

    Snow- at what point do you call out?

    My work would let people who either came early or stayed to do another shift stay in one of the apartments in the assisted living building on campus ( 3 buildings total) and pay them too (and feed them).
  11. Sally Lou

    Hosptial, LTC or Agency...

    I'm doing home health with them. They aren't established enough (new franchise-8 months) to get people into hospitals/LTC yet.
  12. Sally Lou

    Hosptial, LTC or Agency...

    Agency. LOVE it! It's much more flexible then LTC. You develop more of a closer bond with your clients. 12.50/hr . I'm asking for mileage this wk. I figured my mileage for back and forth several times a wk (sometimes several times a day) and it's ALOT!
  13. Sally Lou

    LTCF vs Home Health?

    I'm currently working in home health. I have 5 clients a week, the hours i see them vary. The reason why there are so many HH jobs? Most clients are only 1 hr visits. I was started at 11.50/hr. I'm making 12.50/hr now. The good stuff: It's much more flexible. You get more of personal relationship with the clients and their families. The bad stuff: The "downtime", the time you have between clients. Issues with clients family.
  14. Sally Lou

    Can I HHA give suppositories?

    If your allowed to pass med's you can do it. Check with the state board of nursing.
  15. Sally Lou

    CNA classes how are they?

    I think you'll do great! It's helpful to have some experience doing medical things already. I did wound changes, iv's (just running the med's morning/night) and lots of other stuff just for my husband....when i added in the skills ( med's, g-tube, oxygen use, seizures) from my job at a residental school being a nurse only made MORE sense. Good Luck!