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  1. wojcl6466

    How many questions on ATI Fundamentals Test

    I have taken it, I think it was about 60 questions. It did cover some peds, but basic knowledge... I thought there was a lot about safety and of course, what is the highest priority. I just got some codes off of ebay and there are a couple extra practice tests, which helped me this semester. The more tests you take gives you a better idea of how the tests are and helps you understand the rationales behind the questions. Good luck!
  2. wojcl6466

    ATI testing

    I got a whole bunch of codes on ebay and they so far work! Good Luck, i think the more tests you take you just get more practice and rationales for answers which helps understand.
  3. wojcl6466

    Med Surg ATI

    i got a bunch of Med-Surg codes on ebay!
  4. wojcl6466


    I got some on ebay!
  5. wojcl6466

    where to find out the PN online ATI practice exam codes?

    Check ebay and search ati code.. good luck!