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  1. So glad to hear the outcome of the lawsuit; I had been wondering about it. I'm so glad you came back 😊 ; and very belated congratulations on your baby girl !
  2. abbnurse

    Farewell Esme - In Loving Memory

    I am so sorry to hear about dear Esme's death. I reached out to her privately years ago for advice, and she was, as always, kind, supportive, and brilliant. She was a treasure. Hugs and sincere condolences to her loved ones.
  3. abbnurse

    Support Planned Parenthood Today!

    That’s my philosophy. I've said it before, and I'll say it again.....this is my all-time favorite bumper sticker ! If you're against abortion , DON'T HAVE ONE !!
  4. abbnurse

    I'm Sorry

    I couldn't agree more. :)
  5. abbnurse

    What did you do after nursing school graduation?

    I went to a bar with my sister and some friends, and my sister became annoyed as the evening went on, because people kept buying me drinks when they found out I'd graduated from nursing school that day! In those days, we worked on Interim Permits until passing Boards ; in my state exams took place four times a year. I went to work about four days after graduation, took Boards three months later, and passed! Congratulations, and good luck in the future !
  6. abbnurse

    I got a job!

    OC, I have always enjoyed your posts; you are one strong, resilient woman! I am so very happy for you! Congratulations on the new job !
  7. abbnurse

    License at Risk? Put up or shut up,,,

    One - she LITERALLY physically abused a patient right in front of a state surveyor. She was immediately terminated, and after all was said and done (she claimed the surveyor lied), her license was permanently revoked.
  8. abbnurse

    Caught diverting methadone.

    Best wishes, Mdurant624. Take care of yourself.
  9. abbnurse

    Your FAVORITE job

    Camp nurse. It was busy,busy, busy !! But it was one of the best experiences of my life.
  10. abbnurse

    What Did You Get For Nurses Week?

    We got a nice tote bag (with company logo), and inside the bag were hand lotion, lip balm, water bottle, and Chex mix. It was really nice, considering that for many years we got nothing. Even worse, one year we got one of those Pinterest things: a paper bag with matches ("for when you need to light your fire") , a button ( "for when you need to button your lip" ) , a safety pin ("for when you need to keep it together")...and so on. That was just straight-up annoying !
  11. abbnurse

    Pet Peeve Friday

    I wondered this, too. I had no idea young men weren't allowed to wear earrings, or to have long hair! I would guess it must be a millitary school...
  12. abbnurse

    May I have your attention please?

  13. abbnurse

    Essential oils

    I love patchouli ! I vividly recall opening up my brand new copy of Madonna's "Like A Prayer" album, and inhaling the lovely scent. Beautiful!
  14. abbnurse

    Support Planned Parenthood Today!

    I wish I could "like" this 10,000 times!
  15. abbnurse

    What was the REAL reason you called off

    Cat365 - ((((Big hugs)))) I love pets, too.
  16. abbnurse

    Support Planned Parenthood Today!

    We had a large protest/counter-protest in my city. I was literally in the middle of it ! Pro-choice Planned Parenthood supporters (counter-protesters) outnumbered the anti-choice protesters by roughly three to one. It is always so encouraging to see the huge variety of people who openly support Planned Parenthood and the great work they do. I'm also happy to report that we had a very peaceful protest. Loud, but peaceful ! ETA: Elkpark, thanks for encouraging others to contact their elected representatives ! I'm right there with you !