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  1. heatherxnicole

    Is it made of acid? Fire? Cactus stickers?

  2. heatherxnicole

    What experience needed for NICU

    Newborn nursery is usually the first job. You have to "learn normal" first before you can care for abnormal. Babies are completely different than adults.
  3. heatherxnicole

    Blinn Nursing - Fall 2010

    The essay is about what you think the qualities of a nurse should have, what qualities of a nurse you have, and what your career goals are (that's the gist of it). The cut off GPA depends on who applies. My pre-reqs were from A&M so my GPA was lower than some of my other classmates'. My friend in the class was in the same circumstances. We both had degrees prior to applying. My overall TEAS score was 88% which was the top 99% in the country so I imagine a "B" will do the job.
  4. heatherxnicole

    NG tube placement

    Measure nose to ear, ear to xiphoid process.
  5. heatherxnicole


    Learning - It's all about rationalization and not about memorization. Getting a good night's rest really is important so you have a clear head to think! I spent maybe 15-20 min the night before reviewing over lab values and a couple of other things but other than that, I just relax and let my brain recuperate after locking myself up in my office all week. Know about delegation, prioritization, and lab values! I think doing practice questions helped the most. Good luck!
  6. heatherxnicole


    I took my NCLEX on Monday and just got my quick results. It's official, I'm an RN!!!!
  7. heatherxnicole

    NCLEX and RN nursing school.

    We were told in the Hurst review that on the NCLEX, if there are 5 choices, then anywhere from 2-4 of them are right. It'll never be 1 on the NCLEX and if I remember right, there will always be at least one option that's wrong.
  8. heatherxnicole


    I took the NCLEX yesterday and the instructions specifically say that you get it all right or you get no credit at all.
  9. heatherxnicole

    Can I sub Hurst Review instead of Saunders for content?

    The only thing I did to prepare for the test was take the live Hurst review, go through the book once, and take all of the q tests. I took my test this morning, it cut off at 75, and I got the good pop-up. I did, however, use Saunders all throughout nursing school. I never opened it to study for the NCLEX though.
  10. heatherxnicole

    Pharmacology Failure - Need Advice

    Well you'll be studying types of drugs. We took pharm as part of our nursing curriculum. My prof liked to ask about aspects of the drug that were unique. It was always important to know if something had to be taken at night (like cholesterol meds) vs those taken in the morning. Maybe makes cards or pages of notes about each TYPE of drug and then learn the suffix. It'd be pointless to memorize every drug, that's why they have the same suffix for the most part (your book should tell you the suffix). I made a B in pharm and if I wasn't planning a wedding and preparing for my husband's deployment, I probably could have pulled an A because I was at an 87 or so. However, my pharm prof said the only class she made a C in while in nursing school was pharm (irony). Some people do struggle with it but it doesn't mean you can't be a good nurse because on the job, you can use your PDAs or drug guides.
  11. heatherxnicole

    Nursing Dx Help

    Anybody at all?
  12. heatherxnicole

    Nursing Dx Help

    I have to do a care plan/concept map worth almost half of my grade for mental health clinical. I had a patient with severe Alzheimer's dementia, anxiety and depression. The anxiety and depression were pretty well maintained with medications during the day. She's in a wheelchair, needs help eating, and is incontinent. I need to prioritize 3 diagnoses r/t her mental health (Alzheimer's, anxiety, depression). I came up with: Urinary Incontinence Impaired Physical Mobility Feeding, Bathing, Dressing Self-Care Deficit I didn't know if Chronic Confusion ranked above any of those. Oh, she's also 5'0 and 84 lb which equals between a 16 and 17 on BMI so Altered Nutrition: Less Than Body Requirements is an option too.
  13. heatherxnicole

    San jacinto college adn fall 2010

    Ok I applied to San Jac and I read all of your posts and I just want to say how ridiculous all of this is. I just graduated from Texas A&M in May and my lease is up July 31st. Now I got into Blinn June 2nd (thank goodness) but if I had a week to get to Houston and sign a lease in an area that I'm unfamiliar with the apts then I would be screwed!
  14. heatherxnicole

    Starting pay in Houston Texas

    I would be curious to know that too.
  15. heatherxnicole

    Anyone with experience with Blinn in Bryan?

    Hey yall. I just got accepted into Blinn's ADN program for Fall 2010 and was wondering what you think about the program. Any advice? P.S. I love Sodelak's!
  16. heatherxnicole

    Anyone attend the Blinn Information Session?

    I'm assuming that you've already taken these tests but I wanted to know if you are in the Blinn nursing program?