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    New Graduate Offered Position in OR w/Concerns

    I've been in the OR for 5 years. I worked as a nurse on the med-surg floor for 5 years. I have seen may new grads come to the OR and not do well and end up leaving. I think that any new grad should spend at least one year working in med-surg. You will develop your skills, learn organization, and you will appreicate the OR after having to work on the med-surg floors. I love the OR and would never leave. But I believe I'm a better OR nurse because of my time in the med-surg area.
  2. dcasjh811

    skin prep

    When doing a vag prep JCAHO/AORN state that you should prep clean to dirty but prevent any splashing to go onto a preped abdomen. So to prevent splashing we have always preped the vagina first and then prep the abdomen. How many people are using hibiclens for the perineum prep? We have a new surgeon who wants to use hibiclens for the perineum and we also have a infection control nurse who would like us to use chloraprep on the perieum. ANY using chloraprep on the perineum? I don't like the idea very much.
  3. dcasjh811


    Chloraprep should be used in most surgical cases due to active ingerdents. The most important items to remember with chloraprep is that it is a scrub not a paint, it can be applied without wearing gloves if you want your hand to be dyed, and always remember to let it dry for 3 minutes prior to draping the patient. If you don't allow it to dry your patients can develop a rash related to the alcohol in the prep. We have seen a lot of patients that it was not allowed to dry and the sticky drapes were applied and during the patients 2week check up they had a terrible rash in the area the sticky drapes.