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  1. Amberjade

    A legality question about pay

    She works at a nursing home where there are only teenage girls who work as CNA's in charge. It's really crazy there. Like the otherday where she was left all alone to take care of like fifty people or something all by herself, even though she isn't certified yet and has only been on the job for five days or so. So I really wouldn't be surprised if it was ilegal for the CNA's in our state to be handling meds, the management would probably ignore that.
  2. Amberjade

    A legality question about pay

    If my mom reports this to the Labor Board will her employers know it was her that reported them? It seems to be a common problem but it doesn't seem right to just roll over and let them walk all over you. And thanks everyone for the replyes so far.
  3. Amberjade

    A legality question about pay

    this is my first post so i hope i put it in the right place. i was wondering if anyone could answer a question for me. my mother is a can in training and has a question about something strange the nursing home she works at is doing with her pay. here's how she put it: "i learned something disturbing about the way we get paid today. we are required to stay about 15 minutes after our shift ends in order to count the medicine with the new shift cna and to tell them about the patients,etc. and yet, we are not paid for that time! this is illegal but i would like to know if it is typical of the healthcare industry. would you be able to post this question somewhere on the boards you read? i work hard and want to get paid for the time that i work but this might just be a standard practice for this industry, in which case i would suck it up and get used to it! our facility is known for being cheap and treating their help poorly..." does anyone have any info that might help? we live in utah and times are tough so we would appreciate any advice.