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Cherish specializes in Junior Year of BSN.

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  1. ATI is free at my school. You guys have to pay for your ATI books and tests every semester?
  2. Cherish

    to those of you who had the summer off...

    Not too much complaining from me. Fall break for thanksgiving then Winter break. My mindset is the sooner I get done with my BSN the better and then the REAL learning begins :)
  3. Cherish

    One week to go

    Yup I start my Junior year on the 23rd. I can't wait the sooner I get done with school the better :)
  4. Elmira College in NY, D'Youville College in NY, Robert Morris University in PA and Wheeling Jesuit University in WV. These are ALL BSN programs with no waitlist and they are accredited.
  5. Cherish

    Kozier & Erb's Fundamentals of Nursing

    Good luck with that one
  6. Cherish

    Watts School of Nursing?

    If you have classes already then you take 18 credit hours in ANYtype of class you want. That is actually a plus if your working towards your BSN so I wouldn't suggest dropping out of any class your in. For example if you had A & P, Dev. Psych, English, etc. and you apply to this school and you have all your pre reqs done that they require. You will still have to take 18 credit hours at Mt. Olive College so now you can take ANY class they offer online, or at the Mt Olive RTP campus so lets say you KNOW you want a BSN/MSN/DNP. Since with just a diploma you are basically limited in what you want to do and can do (no advanced practice nurse with just a diploma everyone knows that). You can look at RN-BSN programs around your area and start the pre reqs for those and take those classes at MT. Olive since your required to take 18 credits which you can at that point choose ANY class (statistics, micro, chemistry, spanish) whatever you may be interested in. Watts does not require Micro, Statistics, Chemistry and other pre req courses that MOST BSN and MSN programs REQUIRE. So this could be one of the courses you take so unlike the poster above stated it is NOT a waste to have already finished your prereqs somewhere else and then apply to Watts and take any class of your choosing. I don't see it as useless but if all you want is just a diploma and do not want to advance AT ALL in your career then yes it may be useless but if you want to advance and do more with your RN it is not useless to get pre reqs done for your higher degree with those 18 credit hours.
  7. Cherish

    What would you do?

    I'm so sorry this happened to you. At least you have the emails so if anything happens and you need to file for unemployment you have something to support your claim just in case you get an appeal. Most unemployment offices have representatives for this sort of thing when there is a dispute among employee and employer and with those emails it looks like you were terminated so you should receive unemployment benefits. I can't comment on what to do since I am still in NS school so I am not going to try to act like I know what your going through but I have been in the unemployment situation before and presently in it. I was laid off in my last job but I also was the offices HR, benefits, payroll, accounts, supply, drug test coordinator person so I can comment on that stuff. Good luck in your job searches.
  8. Cherish

    What does "approved" mean? Has anyone seen this?

  9. Cherish

    Unusual lung mass in man, 75

    Last year there was a fir tree growing in a Russian mans lung. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1169861/Shocked-Russian-surgeons-open-man-thought-tumour--FIR-TREE-inside-lung.html Lesson learned stick to meat and you'll be fine LOL.
  10. New Balance, Saucony's or KSwiss. I have had flat feet since I was born and I have wide feet so these are the three brands I stick too. I actually have molded foot insoles that my Podiatrist made it took about 4 weeks but they are hand made and molded to the actual shape of your feet. It takes about 2 months to get used to them though and the first 2 weeks they hurt until your feet gets accustomed to them but now I don't wear running shoes unless they're in them. I used to wear Vans all the time in high school, sk8ter shoes rock!
  11. Cherish

    Do I really need my books on the first day?

    The only book I bought so far is my Med Surg book. All the other books I checked out of the school or my city library. They actually have the textbooks that I need. I compared some books since they had new and old editions and 2 books have EXACTLY the same material and the older edition actually provides MORE information:lol2:. So I have these books until middle of September and some early October so that gives me a lot of time to order books online and I think used book prices are raised during the summer since students' need to buy them. Most people don't buy textbooks mid way through the semester like end of September beginning of November since they have already started class which means lower priced used books for me. I also can see if I REALLY will use that textbook before I buy it I hate buying textbooks and we NEVER use it because all info is provided on the Powerpoint.
  12. Cherish

    Which class was harder for you?

    Chemistry that was harder then Patho, Pharm, and Micro COMBINED!!! Then again I HATED chemistry but I LOVE Patho and Pharm so that could be the reason.
  13. Cherish

    What is your school schedule?

    I am in my Junior year of BSN program. I plan to study mostly on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday afternoon just a little bit to get information about my patient for clinical but not hardcore studying. I usually never study on the weekend (those are my days and I need to rest lol) unless I have a test on that Monday. Saturday is a day you will NEVER see me study on, it's my nursing sabbath day . My schedule is: Monday: Nursing Lecture 8-1150am Nursing Research 2-445pm Tuesday: Med Surg Clinical 7am-430pm first 7 weeks then Obstetrics 630am-4pm last 7 weeks Wednesday: SLEEP AND STUDY DAY...YEA FOR ME!!! Thursday: Nursing Sim Lab 9am-12pm Friday: Nursing Lecture 8-1150am I finished Health Assessment, Patho, Pharm, Foundations last semester. We still continue learning Patho and Pharm with the nursing lectures though since you continue learning those throughout your nursing school and career and I LOVE those classes. I'm just glad I don't go to school on Wednesday. Any free day helps with studying, doing care plans, writing papers, preparing outlines, and MOST IMPORTANTLY sleeping in until noon
  14. To be...all that I can be....in the hospital!
  15. Cherish

    drug testing

    No it will not.
  16. Nope I don't worry about it. But then again I just transferred to a new school so really don't know my classmates. I'm getting a little older so I don't worry much about what others think or worry that I'm being hunted down on the 'net. Also I never say bad things about my school, less stress to deal with :). Speak with an open mind and open heart is what my mama always said.