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  1. cleback

    Feeling incompetent as a student nurse...

    Nursing school is equal parts learning how to be a nurse and learning how to be a nursing student. Nursing school requires a different approach than, say, a mathematics major. No calculus professor would ever dock you for nor being their kind of personable... a clinical instructor might. Whereas other fields only care if you know the material, nurses care how you show that you know the material. It's frustrating. You'll get through it. For forgetfullness, come up with a way to better retrieve knowledge. Meet with the professor to discuss your strategy. By seeing you use it, hopefully she see you care. Also through continued interactions, she'll warm up to your way of expressing yourself. However, I will say it doesn't really matter if you're not outgoing. The best professor I had told me that nurses need all types because we take care of all types. As you work, you will find it to be true. The most outgoing nurse may click with some, while a more reserved nurse clicks with amother patient. Anyway, chin up!
  2. cleback

    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    I'm going to play devil's advocate and say yes. Time outs in surgeries/procedures are just as important as the 5 rights. That everyone in the team plum forgot is a bit of a stretch, particularly when it needs to be documented. I don't agree with the argument that this form of negligence is less purposeful than the other.
  3. cleback

    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    Yeah, this is why I was not a fan of the nurse charges. Now every screw up can be criminal.
  4. cleback

    Working on weekends!

    If you're interested in primary care as an np, work as a clinic rn in family or internal medicine. Acute care experience isn't necessary for a primary care np... however, it's harder to go to school while working MF 8-5. You'd likely have to be part time once you get to graduate school.
  5. cleback

    Older Doctor doesn't think nurses should be in charge

    How is asking a doctor to see a patient over a medication issue acting "above" doctor? It's recognizing the doctors expertise in medication ordering... sounds like the doctor didn't like being asked to do something... silly.
  6. cleback

    I've had enough.

    I don't know if you have clinical depression or would be helped by medication, but I do notice maladaptive thought processes in your post. At the very least, counseling should be able to address those with you. There's no reason to continue being unhappy, OP.
  7. cleback

    Am I the *******?

    I successfully went from inpatient psych to medsurg... during a recession, no less. It's not impossible. You may need to 1) relocate to a more favorable market or 2) change your resume or refresh your interview skills. Whatever your path, I would knock off the "am I an ahole" bit. In my lifetime, whenever someone asked me that question, yes, their attitude could be adjusted. It definitely is negative and won't help you land a new job.
  8. cleback

    What's up with this RN?

    I use "writer" instead of I/this rn. Agree with PPs that it's ingrained in our training to keep documentation as depersonalized as possible.
  9. The cons to the rn supervisor position are big to me. Money can't always make up for poor working environments. Also, would you want to be the kind of nm that leaves early? I know a few that did that as a staff rn... never saw them on pm shifts, didn't get the impression that they really cared about how the unit ran. I'd vote um position. You could like it and be good at it.
  10. cleback

    Profanity in the workplace

    I tend to see coworkers who swear constantly as those who are loose cannons/don't have good control over their emotions. I dread having to tell them something I know will set them off. That, or I really don't trust their judgment that something is truly urgent... because they swear like everything is the end of the world. That said, I do appreciate it as a release... I just do it out of earshot.
  11. cleback

    Full time RN- Part time Real Estate agent?

    What would you do for a client in a bidding situation, who possibly needs to quickly change the offer, and you're in the middle of a 3-4 day stretch?
  12. cleback

    Code Blue

    Your facility doesn't use dnr bracelets? Are you in the us?
  13. cleback

    I'm shocked

    A lot of facilities have switched to different terminology, like medical emergency. Maybe he doesn't watch much TV either?
  14. cleback

    One Thread Wonders

    Meh, I assume a good percent are trolls... like the one who was going to be a prostitute because, you know, money... or the one that said "my coworker was inappropriate with a patient and I told her she should've been dressed." Yeah... no. The run of the mill "make my life decisions for me" don't bug me much.
  15. cleback

    Do you miss bedside nursing?

    I miss clinic work but not the hospital. Everyone is just so pressed for time and stressed in a hospital.. you need one thing and it's like you're asking for their firstborn. I can't say what exactly I do know, but it's more like consulting work for uncommon diseases.