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  1. ms_sgr

    Home care NPs

    It depends on the company. Cons for me: hourly pay, no MA. Pros: one patient at a time.
  2. ms_sgr

    NP doing contract work, need advice.

    If you plan on making 100k or more, it will be better to form a S corporation. You have better tax write offs. I'm in the process of doing this now. However, you can form a LLC now and you have until next tax season to establish a corporation.
  3. ms_sgr

    Nurse Practitioner working without a MA

    Well, according to the article my boss read, who is a MD and has an ancillary staff. One overcomes burnout by fulfillment, just think of all the people lives who helped. I could have slapped him and that author, such foolishness . Like you gots to be kidding me. It's always someone above you making stupid and irrational decisions.While on the other end, the same GNP who didn't want a MA constantly complains that the charting is taking over her life and that she doesn't have time for her kids and has thought about quitting, and than says we don't have any ancillary help. I could have slapped her as well. I really feel as if I am missing some information, I'm just not sure what it is
  4. ms_sgr

    In-home NP Medicare Assessments

    These positions mainly focus on medical conditions. I work with several companies and the job description state Nurse Practitioner it's specific so you may be able to gain work.
  5. ms_sgr

    Nurse Practitioner working without a MA

    My company EHR is not linked to the SNF or the assisted living facility. I have to update the medical records. I wasn't sure if this was the norm for a NP to not have a MA at the SNF. My director said that he had one. My pay is the same as a new graduate at the clinic and feel that it should be due to all the admin task that I have to to. By 12 pm I am so exhausted and don't have time to review my notes. I spend a lot of time running around the facility trying to locate patients. They are either eating, or in physical therapy. I also see patients at their homes. I have to update patients PCP, faxes, lab draw, vitals, contact patients to schedule appointments. I told my boss that I will no longer be seeing patients at the SNF. In order for me to get a MA I will have to see more patients but its hard to state how many patients will be seen, sometimes its 6 or more or less, just never know
  6. I'm a new graduate GNP and see patients at the SNF, ALF and at home. My salary is the same as a NP in the clinic. I work alone and do not have a medical assistance. I am responsible for entering vitals and updating patients medical records along with other administrative tasks. I enjoy my work but hate that I don't have the ancillary support. The other GNP worked for the company 28 years and have asked several times for a MA and was declined. When I brought it up doing our weekly meeting, one of the GNP's stated that she didn't want a MA but complained that she didn't have time to review and update the medication list. I was recently told that it was not in the budget. I'm tired when I get home and often times I don't complete my patients charts until day later. I have been working part time doing health risk assessment (HRA) and enjoy that more than my primary job. I make more money and my charting is complete and I don't have to do any administrative task. I'm seriously considering quitting my primary job and start doing HRA full-time. I'm really just frustrated!!
  7. ms_sgr

    FNP-Relocating to another state?

    I applied for my NP license before I relocated.
  8. ms_sgr

    Regret Becoming an NP

    I'm a new Adult Geriatric NP and I have been working for less than a month and I really enjoy working with the geriatric population. The pace is slower, which is great. I see patients in the nursing home, assisted living, home setting and hospice. I really enjoy the variety. I wouldn't survive 5 minutes working in a fast paced clinic. I found it interesting that everyone was trying to discourage me from the Gerontology program due to lack being unmarketable. I will admit that finding a job in this area was challenging but I didn't go to school to have a job, but to have a career in something that I love. A lot of FNP's can't even find jobs because the market is so heavily saturated with them. If you want to be a Geriatric NP, then go for it. I relocated for my job, so if you are not in an area where there is a high demand then you will have to be open to relocating.
  9. ms_sgr

    When to start applying for first NP job?

    I started a month before I graduated. I had license within 2 weeks, my NPI number within 24 hours and my DEA number in a week. Licensing and DEA number depends on the the state that you reside in.
  10. ms_sgr

    Low stress job vs more challenging job vs higher income??

    I live in Dallas, TX and it's too hot for me. I'm not sure what area your are going to be moving to but Texas is starting to get expensive. I'm actually relocating to a rural area in WA that is 1.5 hours from Seattle and will be making more that you which is surprising. The company has great benefits. Free housing for 6 month, paid medical, pension, loan repayment, 4 day work week, 6 wks PTO, $2000 CME with 1 week, sign on bonus and relocation expense. If you're interested in working with Geriatrics, I will be more that happy to give you the company info.
  11. ms_sgr

    Frustrated Women's health NP

    I'm not in Women's Health but Texas is a tough state for all NP's. I live in Dallas and will be relocating to Washington State in a rural area for AGNP. Have you looked into the rural areas? Are you a member of the Women's Health NP association? Jeremy is a recruiter and this is his number 972-807-7820 These are the sites that I used. Healthcare Jobs & Medical Jobs | Health eCareers Physician and Healthcare Job Board | HospitalRecruiting.com Physician Jobs, Contingency Physician Recruitment and Staffing https://www.jobs.net/ ARNP Jobs | MultiCare Health System Jobs
  12. ms_sgr

    Preparation for AANP exam-- HELP!

  13. ms_sgr

    Jobless FNP

    You misread my post. I stated that I'm relocating to a rural area (that is 1.5 hours outside of Seattle) and that I saw a job on indeed for a position in Bellevue. I'm aware that Bellevue is not in a rural area, and you don't have to live where you work. I was just giving options for locating a job.
  14. ms_sgr

    Jobless FNP

    I live in Dallas, TX and my degree is AGPC. I will be relocating to a rural area in Washington State. I just saw a job posting on indeed in Bellevue stating that they hire new grads and has a $20,000 sign on bonus. I'm not sure if you are interested in relocating. Also, rural areas are more likely to hire new grads and provide assistance with loan repayment.