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  1. FA2Nurse

    I've now failed NCLEX-RN twice....

    yay for you purple!!! Everyone else: Try not to sulk too much. It happens. and it's happened to some of the best nurses. I'm currently waiting for my results (tomorrow is the day!) but I did get the "good pop up" on the pearson trick. I studied hurst. But I STUDIED it. I did exactly what she said. Lectured to myself, and looked at questions. If nothing poped up in my head when I saw certain key words I studied that information more. It is NOT about memorizing. if you do not understand the material and know how to apply it then you're not doing yourself any favors. KNOW THE MED SURGE CONTENT. I'd recommend hurst again in a heartbeat, but you've got to do what she says. And you need to wipe all that I was on the deans list etc out. It doesn't apply. NCLEX wipes the slate clean for everyone. it doesn't care what your gpa was, you have to be able to recognize when something is going wrong. STUDY. I work full time so I studied 1 sat, monday, wednesday, friday and half a day sunday. prior to me taking those full days I had listened to about half of the hurst lectures. I finished up sat and hit it hard with questions and just KNOWING the material. hope it all works like pearson says! also, I do workout AND I did go into the NCLEX as if it was just another nursing exam. Because at the end of the day it is. it's another test. no need for me to stress because we did the hard part: GRADUATED lol
  2. FA2Nurse

    Sick and tired of the AAS BSN debate

    you clearly have a one track mind. i have a ba and a masters, but i went with the adn because it's cheaper and faster. the key here is i paid out of pocket. there was no way in hell i was going back into debt for nursing after already going to a high level division i school. and i have a lifestyle i wasn't ready to give up. yep. i said it. finish nursing school for but at the end of the day - who gives a crap. after i pass the nclex, i'm an rn. (i just graduated) now i'm just an rn with more degrees lol and i'd like to add, that i finished it in 2 years taking my pre-reqs (2 at a time while working full-time as an administrator). so. in the end. to make a sweeping generalization makes you completely wrong. and you know what, my wonderful administrator job is waiting for me to return to it. :)
  3. FA2Nurse

    Student caught stealing....

    Raggedyann I think you made a wise decision.
  4. FA2Nurse

    Student caught stealing....

    it's kinda like that word "empowerment". that word makes me stabby! i hear ya on that.
  5. FA2Nurse

    Burned Out.

    why are you only applying at hospitals?
  6. employers don't care if you have an R.N. (for the most part)
  7. FA2Nurse

    Student caught stealing....

    wow. I'll be interested in seeing this outcome so I'm marking it with this post. but seeing as how she confessed, then yes. press charges.
  8. FA2Nurse

    How do you de-stress?

    bikram yoga!
  9. 31 for my ADN. but I've already got a BA and MHA. s I'll go on and get my MSN/NP or maybe even PhD NP. (haven't decided) but I'm pretty much done with careers. I'll move in and out of the floor and management. Already have a job close to 100K. So I'm good :)
  10. FA2Nurse

    Anyone take the HESI?

    First time: 820 Second time: 1210 1. know your drug cal 2. those questions are CRAZY. The second time I spent 1 min + per questions no matter if I knew the question or not. 3. Read the last 2 sentences of the question. What is the question asking you 4. Use the process of elimination to find the answer. MANY times I had no clue of the answer, but I knew it was a, b, or d. So I HAD to go with c.
  11. FA2Nurse

    Hesi practice exam questions

    I personally think that Evolve book is a load of crap. If you read evolve's website, it states that that HESI book is not used in creating the HESI questions. Practice Saunders. LOTS of them.
  12. FA2Nurse

    Are There Any Sorority Women Here?

    delta sigma theta baby!~~~ooooo-ooooppp
  13. naw. our school gave us a review and we have access to that for 70 days.
  14. Just curious if there is a typical trend for folks. I've been told our transcripts won't be released until the end of Dec. So late January is my best bet. You?
  15. FA2Nurse

    Straight to the MSN, Skip the BSN?

    You do not have to have your BSN first. That's what i plan to do as I will be graduating with my ADN in 2 weeks. I already have a BA and a Masters. I just need the other one and I'll be done.
  16. You do what you feel is right. People will question your decision. I left a 100k job and moved across country and people questioned that. I have a GREAT paying job now IN healthcare and didn't need nursing school but people questioned me being there. (which i took a leave from and am going back too in a few weeks) Tell them to suck it now AND when you get your RN. :)