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    October 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Nurse A: "How do you say green sputum in Spanish?" Nurse B: "Esputo verde. Why?" Nurse A: "I need to tell my patient that's what he coughed up on me."
  2. sourapril

    October 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "Were you in a cupcake eating contest or something?"
  3. sourapril

    Coworkers tell me to get out while I can

    So my question is how long those coworkers have been working there?
  4. sourapril

    I really want to quit my job....

    It could be that particular unit or hospital. Try something else.
  5. sourapril

    International nurse seeking the first job assistance

    I would think your experience in the UK would count. Have you tried to talk to the nurse recruiters directly? Maybe ask them what hospitals look for?
  6. sourapril

    Need advice on per diem flu clinic

    Summit Health and Maxim are two big companies. They are both nationwide. Check out their websites and see if they have an office in your city.
  7. sourapril

    Need advice on per diem flu clinic

    I have been a nurse for a year. Public Health is my first love. I strongly recommend anyone who is interested in public health to give it a try. It's very different from floor nursing. Check out the public health section in allnurses (under specialties) if you want to see what people do in public health. I do immunization and disease control for my current position. Previously I did home visit and worked with children with special needs. Hope that helps. :)
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    Need advice on per diem flu clinic

    I was a new grad then. It was a good use of time before landing a full time job. If I were you I wouldn't drive one hour for the flu clinic job. It just seems to be a lot of driving time, gas money, as well as stress from being in traffic. Unless I can get 30-40 hours out of the flu clinic, it doesn't seem to be cost-effective. By the way, I am now in Public Health.
  9. sourapril

    Need advice on per diem flu clinic

    About 4 months. I am in Colorado, so the market here is pretty saturated. Maybe things are better wherever you are.
  10. sourapril

    when is it okay to combat rudeness w/ rudeness?

    Do whatever you feel comfortable with. You can't please everyone. Even the politest person has enemies.
  11. sourapril

    Flu clinic job offer...sending vaccine to my house?

    Good for you.
  12. sourapril

    How to answer why I left first job so early :(

    The ICU job you had wasn't a good fit. Maybe it's your personality, maybe it's the unit, maybe your preceptor. Anyway, just tell them it's not a good fit and you want to try something else.
  13. sourapril

    I will never be a nurse

    that's a sticky situation. You may need to find a husband. How about writing to Obama or your senator? I know it's not the best plan, and probably they are too busy to respond you, but it's worth to give it a try.
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    The two year thing maybe true, maybe not. I am not against anyone who like to show their confidence, as long as they don't put patients in danger or their coworkers in misery. I think it depends on individual person's personality rather than number of years as a nurse. I can't stand those two-yearer who are snobs, I also can't stand those nurses who greet you with "I have 30, 40, 50 years of experience in nursing." My response to the latter is usually "so why are you still in the same job?"
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    New Grad opportunities

    Not always true, but it helps. :) Children's is super hard to get in, but you can always try. They will want to look at your CNA experience, where you did your clinical (hospital peds helps), how you did in nursing school, volunteer experience (again, any experience working with kids helps). Good luck. It may take you 6-9 months to find a job as a new grad in Denver, but some people are lucky and maybe you are one of the lucky ones.
  16. sourapril

    Burned out and hate nursing

    Try public health
  17. sourapril

    Why can't a resident read a TB test?

    Don't even get me started on TB skin test. The rules are mostly decided by your facility. There is no universal standard for which health care professionals can read, why some facilities require two-steps and some only require one, why some facilities don't like other facilities to read the skin test they place, etc.....CDC is not helpful either, they just say to consult your state TB people if you have any questions.
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    Need advice on per diem flu clinic

    I used to work for Maxim who does flu and biometric (they call it wellness clinic). You pick the schedule you want to work and they pay you every two weeks. I took the job because I need to pay my bill and flexibility in case I had a full time job offer. It worked for me and I really enjoyed the experience. Would I do that as a full time job? Probably not. I think I would get bored quickly. But if you are in-between jobs, it's a good job to work.
  19. sourapril

    Jobs for quiet / introvert nurses

  20. sourapril

    Help. How bad did I botch this?

    Molly Hooper is a character's name from BBC Sherlock. But I guess it could also be OP's real name :)
  21. sourapril

    wanting to leave after 7 months

    Can you delegate some of the tasks to your staff or have an assistant manager?
  22. sourapril

    whats so good about working in a hospital?

    Obama wanted to be the president of United States. His high school friend wanted to be a carpenter. I think it's just personal preference. It doesn't matter where you work. You can be smart or dumb or ignorant. :)
  23. sourapril

    Am I being bullied? Or is this normal?

    Are you being bullied? Yes? Is it normal? It's normal as in "common practice" in a lot of place but it's still not right to treat someone like that. You can fight back, tell your manager, confront your bullies, or quit the place. You shouldn't be treated like that by anyone regardless of ages, races, and gender, etc.
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    No one will give me a chance

    Have you tried home health, flu/wellness clinic? I once worked for a Maxim flu clinic as a new grad. They didn't even interview me. I just showed them my license and I was hired.
  25. sourapril

    If you accept a job, stay at least a year

    You should only stay in one place if you feel motivated to go to work on most days. If a job makes you miserable, why stay?

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