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    Denver CNA training

    How long is the PROGRAM? Mine is three weeks long.
  2. sourapril

    linfield college nursing

    I was reading the old thread and noticing that people were mentioning about the accelerated nursing program in linfield. But I can't find it anywhere on their website. They say they only accept transfer student for nursing. Did they change the curriculum?
  3. sourapril

    linfield college nursing

    Thank you Jen, based on your description of their admission process, it makes me feel so much better. I was never good at standardized testing. While I did pretty good in grad school, my undergrad GPA was horrible. I had a lot of different experience, such as volunteering, working at different agencies, and traveling. I do feel like Linfield would be a good match for me. It sounds like their faculty really want their students to succeed. I was especially drawn to their January Term. I plan to visit Portland very soon and I will definitely check out the school. Thank you so much.
  4. sourapril

    linfield college nursing

    Jenmiller, I was just wondering why you were admitted for May 2012 and not 2011. Do they have a waitlist or something? In my local community college, because of the popularity of the program, when they admit people who are qualified, they have to wait for 2 years to begin the program. I don't know if it's the same case.... Also, what kind of qualifications are they looking for? My undergrad GPA was like 2.8, and my grad GPA was 3.7. My GRE score was in the 1200s. So basically I wasn't that good at standardized tests. However, I have done a lot of volunteer work and research. I am just wondering what else I need to do to make me more competitive. Thanks a lot.
  5. sourapril

    linfield college nursing

    taz5869, Thanks for the info. I actually have a master degree already. I am just finishing up my prerequisites and I will be done by the beginning of July. Since there is only there months differences between the accelerated and the regular program, I am OK with applying either one. Though the tuition difference is something to consider. In your opinion, what program do you think is best for me. Thank you!
  6. sourapril

    Free CNA training still available?

    Chica17, Are you currently enrolled in the CNA program in Phoenix? If so, how do you like it? How easy is it for new grads to find jobs? Thanks!
  7. sourapril

    MPH graduate switching to nursing

    Thanks. Sometimes it's hard to step down when you have a higher degree.
  8. sourapril

    MPH graduate switching to nursing

    I am a little frustrated right now because I got my Master of Public Health in May 2009, and wasn't able to find a job in that field. Then I decided to pursue nursing because it has been on my mind for a while. When I was younger I wasn't sure if that's what I wanted. Now I am more mature and more confident I know being a nurse is best for me. Eventually I want to be a FNP or pediatric nurse. I am taking prerequisites and will be done with them in 3 months. My next step is to apply to either accelerated master or bachelor program. I don't have much working experience except I worked at a hospital's oncology department for a year as a research technologist and interned at a local health department for a semester. Other than that, all I had was school school school. Right now I am just volunteering. I wanted to volunteer at local hospitals but all the volunteering positions are kind of demeaning. They have you push patients around or do office work. I have done that before for a year. Not that these things are not important but I am more interested in doing something at a higher level. Currently I am volunteering and helping a big organization to set up a cancer resource center in my city. When I was reading some of the posts I was surprised to find out that a lot of new grads weren't able to find jobs. I am debating whether I should get CNA first and gain some experience. Will CNA new grad find a job immediately? I am just so tired of not being able to find a job after I graduate. It happened to me twice already, once after college, once after grad school. What should I do?
  9. sourapril

    nursing scholarship from the US Dept. of Health

    Is the scholarship for certain degrees? I am thinking about doing either an accelerated bachelor or master. Can I apply?
  10. sourapril

    Considering Entry-MSN/FNP Program - Questions about FNP career

    BCgradnurse, Which school did you graduate from? Did you have any clinical experience prior to joining the master program? Thanks!
  11. sourapril

    accelerated master in nursing

    Thanks! But I am worried about my lack of clinical experience. It seems like I am just going from one school to another. Without much experience, I am not sure how I will find a job even if the economy does get better.

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