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    yes. The wife is our Team Leader and she has caused 3 really good cvor employees to leave and I may be #4. she has her pets which of course her hubbie is one.... She's a passive aggressive bully.... needs to go! these employees have left within 12 mos
  2. Junebug59


    Hi All! Hope you are staying safe during this crisis. I have a question. We have a Husband & Wife that work on our CVOR team. The wife is the Team Leader (more about that in another post) & sometimes her husband is on her team that day. I work for HCA. Isn't this against policy??
  3. Hi! I saw your original post and I recently had to report to the GA BON and am scared to death!! I’d love some or any advice if you have some!

  4. Junebug59

    Compact license/suspension

    thanks!! yes, i will pass.
  5. Junebug59

    Compact license/suspension

    I'm curious. I have a florida license that has not been converted to a compact license. I went through IPN (FL) for impaired nurses. 5 year contract finished successfully. Now I want to travel. I voluntarily surrendered my S.C. and G.A. licenses. I also let my CO license lapse. If I obtain a compact license, will I be able to work in the above states with my FL compact license? thanks for any info.
  6. Junebug59

    Hca hospitals and ipn .........

    i just finished a 5 yr contract with IPN last week! yay. i've been working in a HCA facility for the last 3.4 yrs while i was in iPN. this hosp is ipn friendly. they have hired 4 of us. i was the last to finish the program. we all finished w/o problems or relapses. ipn has been nothing but professional and kind to me. i have heard other's horror stories, but i never had any issues. i put myself in the situation and ipn was there to keep me from losing my license and for that i am grateful. i did what i was suppose to when i was suppose to and sailed through it. i had dui's was the reason i had to go into ipn
  7. Junebug59

    "Recovery" and public shaming

    i so agree with you berdeenbird!!! it's like we are in the middle of the town square in the dark ages with our heads in the headlock for all of the village to shame and throw rotten food at....
  8. Junebug59


    hi all i am veteran travel nurse. traveled 1992 - 2008. had some issues with alcohol and got a couple of dui's. payed the price of a 5yr contract with IPN. been a staff nurse in the O.R. for the last 3 yrs. doing great and about to finish with IPN. best thing that ever happened to me. got my life back and now want to travel again. wondering how far back to the agencies go in the background checks.... i am still embarrassed and ashamed of my past. it's something i'll have to deal with. thanks for listening (please don't judge, i do that to myself enough) and for any advice you have!
  9. Junebug59

    Really need your input!

    yep, so true.... i will probably be putting in my notice soon
  10. Junebug59

    Really need your input!

    lol, mind my business???? I DO KNOW SHE DOESN'T HAVE A CLUE WHAT SHE'S DOING! it's my BUSINESS when I'm in charge and this nurse can't pull her load. so, yeah, it's my business. and i'm not going to "demand" a raise, but will point out this nurse was in violation of not logging off correctly.
  11. Junebug59

    Really need your input!

    a couple of weeks ago i logged on to my computer in the o.r. we've been having i.t. issues with our computers not logging us out correctly and when the next person logs on, it will log you in under the prior nurse's profile. so this happened to me. i was looking under my paycheck tab to check my PTO balance and noticed it all looked wrong. then i noticed the pay rate and other features and definitely knew i was in the wrong account. but, i can't unring the bell. i saw that a new nurse we just hired is making 4.31 dollars more per hr than me. we have the same experience and i've been working here 3.2 yrs longer than her. she's been here a month. I AM LIVID. i WISH i had never seen it. i can't keep thinking about it and now i want to demand a raise or leave. could i be fired for knowing this? i was a travel nurse for 16 yrs prior to taking this staff job. so now, i'm considering going back to o.r. traveling except now i've bought a house, have 3 dogs and 2 cats. but there are local cities near by that have travelers. i've inquired about a job in a town an hour from me working 4 10's which i love, but the best part is i'll be making 13 dollars more per hr. so............ do i keep the staff job knowing i'm making less or do i take on traveling again, with jobs ending in 13 weeks and all the uncertainty that comes with traveling. btw, i'm single no kids late 50's... sorry for the long post. if anyone has been in similar situations and has input, much appreciated!
  12. Junebug59

    Almost finished with ipn

    Oh yay! you're out! i have 2.5 mos left.... SO FREAKING READY!
  13. Junebug59

    End of monitoring

    I have 2 mos to go out of a 5 yr contract. Nothing has changed except i got an extra UDS last month totaling 3 for Nov
  14. Junebug59

    Blood Test

    I saw your other post where you had a positive UDS. that's probably why
  15. Junebug59

    Late stay vs Call

    wow... amazing that they didn't even try to help you guys in any way. i know what you mean about being reluctant to leave an otherwise great place to work. i am in the same situation. i really like it here because of the my coworkers who i love, even most of the docs i love as well....
  16. Junebug59

    New Hire RN making more $$$