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    yes. The wife is our Team Leader and she has caused 3 really good cvor employees to leave and I may be #4. she has her pets which of course her hubbie is one.... She's a passive aggressive bully.... needs to go!

    these employees have left within 12 mos

  2. How's it going? Did you leave the CVOR team? Can I ask the reasons? I'm considering leaving my CVOR team due to the Team Leader..... would love to hear your experiences and outcomes. thanks!! stay safe

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    I have been on the CVOR team for a little over a year now. I came to the team with 40 yrs General O.R. experience scrubbing and circulating, past team leader with Neuro, Urology, Plastics, Maxillofacial. ( I was a cst for 10yrs prior to nursing degree). So, basically, I just needed orientation to the surgeries performed. Didn't take me long to acclimate. With that being said, I (imho) bring a lot to the team which was struggling when I came on board. In the last year, the team leader has continually harassed me passively aggressively. I have lots of notes of dates and incidences to bring to the manager should I need to. She is also married to one of our RNFA's (which I think is wrong to be together in the same room). She has managed to run off 3 great employees in the last year. If I choose to leave, it'll be 4. How is Management not seeing this? I have a meeting with my O.R. Director (who is her direct boss). I am so sick of the drama this woman causes. She is a backstabber, constantly points out little flaws during the case and makes sure to loudly express them in front of the surgeon so you look bad. OH I FORGOT TO MENTION: She scrubs 50% of all cases because she ran off the best CVOR tech I've ever worked with right after I started. Then she ran off another 2 more nurses due to her passive aggressive bullying.... PLEASE HELP. Need advice on how to handle this situation. I really don't want to go back to the MAIN O.R. but I'm starting to think it's the only way. Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi All! Hope you are staying safe during this crisis. I have a question. We have a Husband & Wife that work on our CVOR team. The wife is the Team Leader (more about that in another post) & sometimes her husband is on her team that day. I work for HCA. Isn't this against policy??

  5. I'm curious. I have a florida license that has not been converted to a compact license. I went through IPN (FL) for impaired nurses. 5 year contract finished successfully. Now I want to travel. I voluntarily surrendered my S.C. and G.A. licenses. I also let my CO license lapse. If I obtain a compact license, will I be able to work in the above states with my FL compact license?

    thanks for any info.

  6. i just finished a 5 yr contract with IPN last week! yay. i've been working in a HCA facility for the last 3.4 yrs while i was in iPN. this hosp is ipn friendly. they have hired 4 of us. i was the last to finish the program. we all finished w/o problems or relapses. ipn has been nothing but professional and kind to me. i have heard other's horror stories, but i never had any issues. i put myself in the situation and ipn was there to keep me from losing my license and for that i am grateful. i did what i was suppose to when i was suppose to and sailed through it. i had dui's was the reason i had to go into ipn

  7. hi all

    i am veteran travel nurse. traveled 1992 - 2008. had some issues with alcohol and got a couple of dui's. payed the price of a 5yr contract with IPN. been a staff nurse in the O.R. for the last 3 yrs. doing great and about to finish with IPN. best thing that ever happened to me. got my life back and now want to travel again. wondering how far back to the agencies go in the background checks.... i am still embarrassed and ashamed of my past. it's something i'll have to deal with. thanks for listening (please don't judge, i do that to myself enough) and for any advice you have!

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    more info

    lol, mind my business???? I DO KNOW SHE DOESN'T HAVE A CLUE WHAT SHE'S DOING! it's my BUSINESS when I'm in charge and this nurse can't pull her load. so, yeah, it's my business. and i'm not going to "demand" a raise, but will point out this nurse was in violation of not logging off correctly.

  9. a couple of weeks ago i logged on to my computer in the o.r. we've been having i.t. issues with our computers not logging us out correctly and when the next person logs on, it will log you in under the prior nurse's profile. so this happened to me. i was looking under my paycheck tab to check my PTO balance and noticed it all looked wrong. then i noticed the pay rate and other features and definitely knew i was in the wrong account. but, i can't unring the bell. i saw that a new nurse we just hired is making 4.31 dollars more per hr than me. we have the same experience and i've been working here 3.2 yrs longer than her. she's been here a month. I AM LIVID. i WISH i had never seen it. i can't keep thinking about it and now i want to demand a raise or leave. could i be fired for knowing this? i was a travel nurse for 16 yrs prior to taking this staff job. so now, i'm considering going back to o.r. traveling except now i've bought a house, have 3 dogs and 2 cats. but there are local cities near by that have travelers. i've inquired about a job in a town an hour from me working 4 10's which i love, but the best part is i'll be making 13 dollars more per hr. so............ do i keep the staff job knowing i'm making less or do i take on traveling again, with jobs ending in 13 weeks and all the uncertainty that comes with traveling. btw, i'm single no kids late 50's... sorry for the long post. if anyone has been in similar situations and has input, much appreciated!

  10. wow... amazing that they didn't even try to help you guys in any way. i know what you mean about being reluctant to leave an otherwise great place to work. i am in the same situation. i really like it here because of the my coworkers who i love, even most of the docs i love as well....

  11. So we just hired this rn for our o.r. she has the same years experience as i do, yet she's making 4.36 dollars more per hr than me. This is so infuriating..... I guess I'll have to quit and find another job. I can't look at her every day and think about it.... Has anyone else had to deal with this??

  12. I work in a 3 rm O.R. We have 5 FT Rn's, one is the Charge Nurse. We average about 6 to 7 call days per nurse per month. This is an HCA facility. So now the HCA corporation has decided they do not want to pay the call team time and half after 3pm when cases run over. So corp has mandated that we have a late team to catch the overflow. NOT WORKING OUT! We also have a spine surgeon that works tues and thurs and usually runs past 3pm. So, therefore, we are REQUIRED to give up 3 days per week to cover late, call and spine coverage after 3pm.

    Is anyone else dealing with this? We are too small to do late. It was working fine, the call team knew they had to stay late and it worked. the spine people did the same.

    If you have any ideas, i'm listening! Thanks in advance :)

  13. Hi Nurse0908, how was it the last 6 mos of your contract? what all do you have to do to get out. i haven't had anyone in my nurse group "graduate" from IPN yet. i'm 5mos away and want to save money now if i have to do more tests, etc to get out. i'm good with any test they want to do, just want to be prepared financially . thanks for any info!!

  14. i'm 5 months away from getting out of IPN for a 5 yr contract. only 1 dilute which was the 2nd test when i first started in 2013. Only 2 missed checkins. no other issues. What can i expect when it's time to get out. i know you have to write a letter. other than that i don't know. i've heard others say more tests other than the urine screen and another eval.... which is A OK with me, i just want to save the money for it. i'm on a very tight budget. any one know?

  15. Well, in my area, it's the surgeons that really make a negative impact on my day at times. There are a couple of egotistical narcissistic idiots with little man syndrome that i work with.... i try to let it roll off but yesterday, i could've really blown up in his face.... but, of course, i didn't. i was overworked and tired. we are extremely short staffed with a director who could care less how the surgeons treat his nurses