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  1. TurtleLittle

    Midwestern university srna class of 2016

    Hey guys, I will be going to MWU for Class of 2018. I did not know I had to apply for housing early, so my chances to get on campus housing is not looking good. Where did you guys find places for your first year? Any good advise for me?
  2. Hi there, I recently have accepted into CRNA school. So obviously my school is happy and thinks that my past ICU exp suffice. But I am wondering when I get out of school, would potential employers care more about my past experience as an RN anymore? The reason I am asking because I am miserable at my current FT job. My background: - GPA/BSN stats: Academically speaking, I look very good on paper so far. -2013: 11 months of outpt Derm RN then ICU. - 2014: 1 year of ICU in a super busy/ large teaching hospital for Coronary Care and Neuro ICU in big city. Then had to move back home to different state to support family in need. - 2015 until now: 11 months in a general ICU. Magnet Status. But I hate it so much. This is the one I would like to quit ASAP. - At the same time, I am doing per diem at a busy OpenHeart ICU to boost up my resume to school. And even though it's per diem, I got threw to all kind of pts because it's very high acuity. Impella, IABP, LVAD, Swans/Alines, CRRT are very common. I want to keep my per diem job in the OpenHeart ICU and start doing travel nursing now for about 3-6 months before school. So I am still working in ICU regardless. My main concern is: Does it look bad that I never stay in a place for more than a year? Regardless I have legitimate reasons to leave?
  3. TurtleLittle

    University of Pitt CRNA program

    Hi there, They emailed and also called you for setting up interviews. About 2 or 3 weeks after I turned in my application. They should call you soon because the second round interview dates are mid Feb though. I did not get called back for the first round, but for others they also called right the next following week for couple selected ones. I am waiting for the final decisions, which will be by the end of Feb after the second round of interview. I already got accepted to another school, ^^ so I don't have to hold my breath for Pitts either way. Best of lucks to ya.
  4. TurtleLittle

    U Pitt

    I think they said as little as 2 and as many as 10. And yeah sometimes by the end of Dec. I wouldn't think they make decisions that fast. If so though, I didn't get to be first picks then. No one called me today. ^^
  5. TurtleLittle

    U Pitt

    I am interview first round on Weds, I am trying to look up some information about the interview questions. Do you guys know if there is a heavy load of clinical questions? I have no idea what they would ask and am super nervous. I can do very well with behavioral questions, but if they ask me to compare all Swan's numbers or mechanism of pressors.... I got some reviewing to do!
  6. TurtleLittle


    Hey guys, I will be called for an interview with MWU in Jan. I know, they are still selecting for a few last spots. Can you guys give me some feedbacks and the questions they would ask? I am quite nervous. I am review my CCRN materials now. Hoping to be your future classmate one day as well!
  7. TurtleLittle

    University of Pitt CRNA program

    Hello guys, I will be interviewing next week. I am hoping you guys could help me. What should I expect for interview questions? I can handle behavioral questions, but I am quite worried about clinical questions. I took my CCRN a while back then, and I could do well with testing questions on paper. Also I am good to recognize things and perform well under stressed during codes, but I am not sure how I would do the same when asked in front of a group of people. Could anyone give me some general topics I should review before I get to my interview on Weds? Thanks!
  8. TurtleLittle

    Samuel Merritt in Oakland, CA CRNA 2015

    Heard anything yet guys?
  9. TurtleLittle

    Samuel Merritt in Oakland, CA CRNA 2015

    I have a mixed feeling about how I did. But it was good that they were nice. Guess we all will find out on Monday. A couple people seemed already got a spot somewhere else and this was not their first choice. I hope they would tell the board soon, for the rest of us who really wanted SMU. I love the senior students. They were very informative to talk with.
  10. TurtleLittle

    Samuel Merritt in Oakland, CA CRNA 2015

    Did you guys get interviewed yet? How was it?
  11. TurtleLittle

    Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans

    Ochsner has been having some shady stuffs with their staffing lately and many of us nurses are not quite happy with them. The Big O really needs to get their you-know-what together. However, ditto to other feedbacks, it's a good hospital to learn and gain experiences. The staff are friendly and willing to teach and help you at work (Again I am talking about nursing staff, not so much about hops administration here). After a year with Ochsner or so, you can move on to other facilities without any problem. Good luck with you all.
  12. TurtleLittle

    Samuel Merritt in Oakland, CA CRNA 2015

    Hey idichupa, the coordinator lady told me over the phone when I asked her. It may have been more than 70 but she said definitely it's selective from a bigger pool of application already. I am prepping very hard for this because this is the only school I got an interview so I put all eggs in one basket here. Also it's gonna be a panel interview in front of 8 committee members. I heard mostly it will be behavior questions and they don't really ask any clinical questions. Unless you heard anything otherwise. Good luck to us both. But I read some of your previous posts, it seems like you got accepted to some other programs already huh? ^^
  13. I will have an interview with El Camino Hospital in Mountain View CA. This is my dream hospital to work at. So I am very excited. My background: A year of outpt ambulatory. A year of ICU exp in a very busy teaching hospital in the South. Combined Neuro/Medical/CCU pt population. I am pretty strong with my Neuro ICU pts, then Medical, then Cardiac. However, we don't take care of Open heart or Surgical ICU pts on my unit that much. On the posting says preferred exp on Open Heart surgery. I'm not so sure how high acuity is for El Camino's ICU. Not sure what they are looking for in a candidate. Cannot find a lot of info on their ICU either. Any feedbacks anyone? Thanks. And do you know anything about their panel interview process?
  14. TurtleLittle

    Samuel Merritt CRNA fall 2014

    Hey there. I know this is a year ago, but I also got an interview for this year cycle. Any tips and feedbacks guys? Thanks!
  15. TurtleLittle

    Are my stats competitive for CRNA (Samuel or Columbia)?

    I got invited for an interview with Samuel Merritt. It will be a panel interview in front of 8 people. Any tips?! I am very excited!
  16. TurtleLittle

    Samuel Merritt in Oakland, CA CRNA 2015

    I got invited for an interview!!! OMG. I am so excited! They said they will be interviews about 70 candidates. I wonder they just interview all applicants??! Anyone else got the invitation? Any suggestions on pulling off the the interview? Thanks!