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  1. robby5313

    Odd requests

    Wow.......just wow....!
  2. To trust that, "inner voice.". Also to be grateful for all I have. I have seen patients with sooo much less!
  3. robby5313

    crap...am I in huge trouble???

    I once dropped an entire bottle of Hep B vaccination on the floor. Probably 500.00 worth Shattered everywhere! Also dropped a bottle of Lantus-whew that stuff stinks! I agree with the TPN nightmare that stuff NEVER goes away!
  4. robby5313

    panic-attack reaction to compazine

    YESSSS! Perfect way to describe it!
  5. robby5313

    panic-attack reaction to compazine

    I too had this reaction. I accidentally OD'd myself on it, thinking it was Phenergan. Taking every 4 hours! Yikes! I just felt like I couldn't sit still. Just an unbelievable need to keep moving-restless-crawling out of my skin. WORST feeling EVER. I called my Dr and got Zyprexa. That helped Thank God! Didn't realize the mistake I had made until about a month later.
  6. robby5313

    Complications from HCG injections?

    I too tried both. With the hcg my hunger was much better. Also with the hcg I didn't lose weight in my boobs-which is the first place I lost it without the hcg-weird!
  7. robby5313

    medication to dry up breast milk?

    Yes, my daughter was born in 1993 and I think they JUST stopped using it!
  8. If I had a dollar for every time I heard, "be good or the nurse is gonna give you a shot!". Those are the same parents who can't figure out why the kid is petrified to go to the doctor!
  9. robby5313

    Nurses ordering meds

    Yes I guess it would be the same as LTC or a hospital. The orders wouldnt get signed right away there either. And the patient would be getting the ordered meds before they were co-signed in that situation as well.
  10. robby5313

    medication to dry up breast milk?

    It was Parlodel. Worked for my first 2. They banned it before #3. Never had so much pain! It was horrible! Couldn't breast feed as kids were highly allergic!
  11. robby5313

    Nurses ordering meds

    Okay I do realize what transcription is, but in the "olden days" we also had the hard copy to follow that the doctor signed. Being it is electronic now-I realize the doctor has to go in and cosign the orders-but as I said-my concern is, if I entered what I was told, there is a mistake, patient picks up med, has adverse reaction---doctor says "I didn't order that!" or "that's not the dose I ordered-" where is the liability? When order isn't cosigned for a week?
  12. robby5313

    Nurses ordering meds

    Okay I have a question about ordering meds. Let's just say that you work in a clinic situation. The patient is seen by the doctor, then the doctor comes to you and tells you his orders. Sometimes the orders are written on a piece of paper but not always. The nurse then enters the orders: meds, labs procedures, etc in the computer and signs. The med orders then get e-scripted to the pharmacy. The meds can then be picked up. These orders are cosigned by the MD- but the problem is, this could be a week later. We have tried to get the providers to enter their own, but they pretty much refuse. Is this legal? Within the scope of practice?
  13. robby5313

    Fighting Infections with Duct Tape and Q-Tips

    Love the duct tape. Used it on my daughter for some warts on her hand....worked like a charm! I think it only took a week too!
  14. robby5313

    gyn prob. in the ER??? GUESS THE DIAGNOSIS

    rectocele or vaginal/uterine prolapase? although that dosen't explain the throat problems?
  15. robby5313

    Is there a chance that nurse-patient ratio be better?

    It will get better, but most LTC facilities expect impossible things from their nurses. The workload is ridiculous. Some are a little better than others. It was very difficult for me sometimes to know that many times the level of care I was able to give was just "the minimum" to get by. You have to have a great team-that helps if you have good CNA's to help you. Wish I could say that it will be great after a while--only that it will get a little easier!
  16. robby5313

    Medpass at mealtime a dignity issue?

    I have to say that I agree with the problem of meds getting given on top of each other. How will you know that Mr. Jones took his AM dose at 11:00, so he shouldent get his afternoon dose at 12:01. It just seems like it would be very confusing. I TOTALLY know about med passes. I worked in LTC for many years. I can guarantee that lots of things, (MedPass, Metamucil, Miralax) did NOT get given. How the heck can you pass meds for 35 people, 20 of whom have narcs that you have to sign out in 3 different places, give 99% of them Miralax and probably 50% of them MedPass and get done on time. I would clock in at 6, get on the floor at 6:30, have to do treatments to bottoms (before they got up), do blood sugars, get insulin ready, start to pass those meds before they go to the dining room--yeah no problem! Most of these people need to take their meds at the time of their meal. I wouldn't like to take a whole handful of pills on an empty stomach-I don't blame them. Then AFTER their breakfast, most of them go to therapy. So you have to try to chase them down in therapy-again, not in private and give their meds. I calculated how many meds I was giving in the morning and....no kidding......287 medications. Keep in mind I'm trying to carefully check these against the MAR as I should and follow the 5 rights. Sorry to go off on a tangent-but I just think the only answer to this problem is...you got it.....more nurses! I know for a fact that many meds simply did not get given because of time.

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