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    Immigration Requirements for Australia and New Zealand

    Hi guys, I want to ask about the initial certificate of registration / statement of entry required by ANMAC... What is it exactly in PRC? Is it the board certificate or the certificate of good standing?
  2. I still can't believe that a lot still wants to pursue nursing in Australia! Guys, if you have lots of experience, go for it since you may apply for PR without sponsorship,,, but if you have no experience at all...think twice... no, a hundred times! They prefer nurses with experience if you're from overseas and for GNP position, they prioritize the locals and PRs!!!!
  3. Actually PRC sent it to AHPRA. We just provided the envelope and stamps. That was the instruction given to us by PRC.
  4. no problem with the mailing address but PRC said it would take a month before AHPRA receives it. Unlike if we send it to the street address by mail, it would only take 2 weeks max.
  5. yep. i went there and sent all my documents
  6. Not work as a nurse. And I just started applying for registration. So far most of my fellow friends have found work and sponsorship. Most of them end up in nursing homes. But those friends whom I've mentioned have lots of financial backup to give them enough time to search for sponsorship. If I didn't have financial support from my dad and relatives, I'll end up like those guys I've mentioned. And it's a real heartbreak.
  7. Regarding sponsorship, all I can say is it is still possible to get one but it will take long and you need real effort to seek for it. I've heard plenty of nurses here who joined the BP and IRON program and ended up going home because they didn't have enough time to search for work, much more a sponsor. It's a pity because some of them have loaned heaps of moolah back home. I'm saying this not to discourage you but to prevent you guys from putting yourself in financial trouble. The key to success here after the BP or IRON program is IELTS and Money money money. You need money to extend your stay and that's a requirement. If you can't do that then don't come to Australia. Several of these nurses have tied themselves to 'agencies' or 'education-financial institute', loaning money to take BPs and IRONs here. Now they've realized that their Visa would soon be expired and still can't find any sponsors. They don't have the money to extend their visas and they can't afford to go home because they still need to pay the 'loaned' money. Now they are banging they're head because they feel trapped and doomed. They were too excited with their 'dreams', they have overlooked the future. Don't think I'm crushing your dreams. I'm giving you a huge favor. If I can, I would like all these 'aspiring nurses' to know this simple truth. I want to save them before they put themselves in this situation. Now if you have the financial support, then you have hope. I'm not saying that it's easy just because you have the money. But at least you'll have enough time to increase your education, find work, expand your network etc.
  8. it's tricky because i asked AHPRA where to send the documents. They said mailing address. But PRC prefers it to be send to Street address. So I asked AHPRA what if I've mistakenly sent it to the street address. They said it doesn't matter since they will still receive it anyway. Grrrr! So annoying. What's the purpose of posting their mailing address if it's more convenient to send it to the street address.
  9. thanks guys you're such a big help
  10. guys this is urgent please reply ASAP as I have no chance to read all the posts. My dad is in PRC now and when they asked to mail my certificate of good standing to AHPRAH, PRC said the mailing address is not acceptable and they gave an alternative address which is the Adelaide street address (since I'm here in Adelaide). But I've taken the mailing address from the AHPRAH website. Please help me. Where should I send it? [h=4]STREET ADDRESS:[/h]Level 8 121 King William Street Adelaide SA 5000 [h=4]MAILING ADDRESS:[/h]AHPRA GPO Box 9958 Adelaide SA 5001 [h=4][/h]
  11. what do you mean ceridwyn? what might be the problem? please tell.
  12. I'm planning to extend my study here so the affidavit of support will come from my relative who'll sponsor me here. This is for student visa requirement.
  13. Then I should really ask my sponsor to sign it for me in US. Thanks silverdragon.
  14. Hi I have a question regarding affidavit of support. I'm now in Australia and my sponsor is in US. I have an affidavit of support template and I'll just print and send it to my sponsor to be signed. However, the previous affidavit was signed and created in the Phil. by a notary public. So is it fine if I send the form to US for signature?... and then send the it to the Phil. so my dad can give it to a notary public? I know you'll say that I should just ask my sponsor to notarize it for me in the US, but she's a very busy person so we want to make it less hassle for her. What do you think?
  15. There are 2 types of general registration application form in APHRA... the first one is for those who were trained overseas... the second one is for those who graduated in an Australian institution. Since I'm an international student, I did both. So what application form should I choose??? Please help/