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Ev1987 has 4 years experience and specializes in LTC/Rehab.

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  1. Ev1987

    Microbiology spring 2013

    I'm like the last one to post on this thread, but I first took micro in fall '12 and didn't pass. I just finished re-taking the course during summer I 13', and passed with a 'B'. Microbiology does not come naturally to me at all, but I am so glad that I am done with the course. Actually, I am now finally finished with all my nursing prerequisites, and plan on filling out applications and sending in transcripts starting next week. Please wish me the best of luck!
  2. Ev1987

    Community College of Philadelphia Questions

    9 points total: GPA: 4 points: 3.5 or above 3 points: 3.4-3.0 2 points: 2.99 -2.75 Entrance exam: 21+: 3 points 18-20: 2 15-17:1 No withdrawal D or F: 2 points 1 withdrawals D or F: 1 point multiple withdrawal D or F: 0 points
  3. Ev1987

    Fall 2012 Microbiology Students -- STAND UP!

    Wishing you guys the best of luck on your future tests and quizzes. Mine won't be until two weeks from now, and it is on the first 3 chapters. So far, lab is pretty fun. Just looking at pathogens and microorganisms.
  4. Ev1987

    Fall 2012 Microbiology Students -- STAND UP!

    Wow... I'm a little late! Anyway, good luck to everyone this semester. I start lecture and lab on the 8th. I hear my professor is kinda difficult, so I've already written out a weekly schedule to keep track of study time. My course book is 'Microbiology: an introduction' by Tortora, Funke and Case with Pearson eText. (wish me luck!)
  5. UPDATE: I just found out yesterday that I passed college algebra! I feel very relieved about that. Math is surely not my friend. 'Khan Academy' and 'Purple Math' were a big help. Now, I am in the process of studying for the nursing entrance exams. Thank you again for your comments and suggestions!
  6. Thank you very much for your advice! I am looking forward to having 'no life what-so-ever' during the next few weeks. I just hope that I can continue to stay focused and discipline myself!
  7. Hey guys! I will be taking up college algebra as a summer course starting early July. I wish that my timing could have been different, but I just wanted to get most of my complex courses (A&P I, II, English Comp I, II) out of the way first before I take this course. I plan on applying to my CC nursing program in the fall. I will be taking up Micro, college chemistry and developmental psych in the fall as well. As you can see, I need to complete this course by the end of summer. Like any other ambitious student, I would prefer an 'A' in this course. At the very least, I can accept a 'B', but if I get any grade lower than a 'B' at the moment, my chances of acceptance into the CC nursing program are pretty much shot. Is there anyone out there who can offer me any advice or tips on getting through college algebra with a decent grade. Math is certainly not my friend, and I would deeply appreciate whatever help I can get. Thank you!
  8. Ev1987

    Got a 4.0 this semester!

    Congrats! I am taking a summer class at the moment. If I score an 'A', then I will have a cumulative gpa of 4.0. I doubt that I will be able to maintain a 4.0 after the end of fall, but normally at my school, gpa's of 3.5+ stand the highest chance of getting into the program. That's my goal.
  9. Ev1987


    Racism is alive and well. Although, after hearing these rumors, I would suggest staying on your best behavior and just try to focus on getting the best grades possible. Many people deal with prejudice and racism in all avenues of their lives. Work, school, etc. As for 'tyvin' and 'ImKosher', we're dealing with the topic of racism here, and the best thing you can comment on are typing errors??! Get real, and get over it!
  10. Ev1987

    The War On Fat

    Hate and Discrimination does exist towards overweight people. I am not surprised that a woman would say such a thing (even though she was wrong and extremely rude for saying so aloud). Unconsciously, the media is brainwashing both men and women on what the standars of beauty is suppose to look like. Not every woman is going to look like Barbie or a Victoria Secret model, and not every man is going to look like a fitness guru who lives at the gym day-in and day-out. In today's society, those people are the exception of the norm. This woman needs to learn to bite her tongue and learn when and where is the right time and place to freely speak such hate. Comments like that can come back to haunt her. Besides, there may have been patients in the residence that were thin and sknny before they suffered whatever injuy or illness they have encountered. Some medication side effects include weight gain. If a person is bed-ridden and/or has limited mobility, more likely than not, that individual risks gaining weight. Overweight people deserve the same amount of care and respect than the thin. Patients of color deserve the same amount of care and respect than that of caucasians. Patients of diverse reigious beliefs deserve the same amount of care and respect than that of Christians and Catholics.
  11. UPDATE: I just found out that I passed A&P II this semester. From my experience A&P II was more challenging than A&P I. I do not mind trying to memorize bones and tissues. In fact, the little anatomy that we did in A&P II was the easiest part of taking the course for me. I enjoyed learning about blood, the digestive system, the urinary system and the reproductive system, but just learning all those extra small, minor details were mind-blowing!!! I will be taking microbiology in the fall, I believe I now know what kind of studytime I will need to put in. Thanks for all your comments and replies!
  12. Ev1987

    Making sense of metabolic alkalosis...

    I'm interested in reading about the possible theories. My spring semester just ended, and VERY briefly, the topic of 'metabolic alkalosis' just came up in one of my last few A&P II chapters. According to my notes, one of the causes could be from 'repeated vomiting'.
  13. At my school, I have to take college algebra, Chem 110 AND microbiology. Hoping the money-grubbing snakes won't add another pre-req to the list by fall.
  14. Ev1987

    Guess what i saw today??!

    The point of my thread was to simply express an incident that I witnessed today at work. I was not making fun of the resident. I am not here to bully anyone. I was making light of a situation that occured at work. Somedays, you just have to laugh at this kind of stuff. And hopefully anonymously on a website in the company of other CNA's.
  15. Ev1987

    Guess what i saw today??!

    Thank you for posting. Yikes. Seems like I need to wear a bullet-proof vest and a football helmet the next I post on this site.
  16. Ev1987

    Guess what i saw today??!

    I wouldn't just watch a resident eat her poop. That is disgusting.