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  1. I am also from Toronto and now working in the US with a WA state license. Here are the steps you need to do:

    1. Retrieve application from Dept of Health WA

    2. Register for NCLEX RN with Pearson Vue (after you have been approved to take it)

    3. Take the NCLEX RN at a designated facility and of course pass it

    Once all is done...you should be licensed to practice.

    Best of Luck!

  2. Guess I need to added to the list! I had 130something questions on NCELX-RN and if it's truly true I PASSED!! There was a girl in my class that called pearson after she tried this trick and the lady there confirmed that the "trick" was true. It had to be the same information as before though, same test, same school, everything. I even told three other people at the testing site about it because they didn't know. Wonder how they did....

    rksgray...It's the way the registration system (program) is set-up. There is no other way because if you pass it will definitely stop you from registering again because the system already knows there is no need. If one fails the exam it will allow them to re-register. It's how the program is coded. All in all...everyone should just stop paying for the quick results and wait for their license to show up on Board website. I think Pearson knows this (or not) and they are making a killing charging every single nurses $8.95 per click.

    You passed for sure! no doubt about it! keep us posted! and Congrats! It worked for me!!!

  3. I got my results after few days, so dont worry. Go to NH board of nursing website and click on "License verification", type your name, and if you passed it should pop out. Other way to check is http://www.nursys.com, it is online verification for free. You type your name, and you see if you are a RN!

    Anyausa...thanks for the info. I've been checking NH BON since the 26th(day i took rn exam) and up to now no results yet. I emailed board last week and they said it will be a few more days. It's been over a week now and still not up. I've been trying the PV trick and so far it hasnt gotten pass the cc page. Hope thats a good sign i passed, however, still anxious and waiting...when did you take your exam? Do you know anyone who took it last week and still waiting for their results?

  4. If you get tot he CC screen, you are not supposed to pay...that is the whole part of the "trick" just to kinda give you an idea. Also, there is no way Pearson would admit to this working as they would lose out on all the money that we pay to view our results early. $7.95 x every nursing student is a LOT of money.

    mommyx4...what about the states that don't have quick results? would you think it would still apply the same way? i'm still waiting for my results (my Board does not participate in the quick results). still getting the good pop up....still crossing my fingers on this one..

  5. iluvnursing07, are you sure your classmates followed the steps in page 1 of this thread step-by-step?

    Maybe, possibly, your classmates did the PVT wrong(like NOT logging in to their username and registering again for the same exam= credit card page). Can you clarify with them exactly what they did? Thanks.

    dannangelo...i took the nclex RN and i tried to re-register with the RN and it won't let me. however, if i tried to register for the PN..it leads me to the CC page. so, that might've been the reason why they got to the cc page. i don't know. btw, did you get your results yet? and what state are you from? (you have quick result?)


  6. I asked him about that and he told me you would technically have to wait for the Boards to send results. you can ask for youself and chat with someone from Pearson Vue. I guess so many ppl have been asking regarding the trick...believe me or not I had 2 classmates who tried the trick and they were taken to the CC page which were the smart ones in class yet to find out that they passed when they got their results in the mail, although I know this trick has worked majority has worked for all. ur not the only one going nuts...all nclex takers are. Good Luck!

    iluvunursing07...if they offer the "quick results" (considered to be 'unofficial') then they (pearson) already know whether you passed/failed. why would the Board be the one telling them if you passed/failed since the Board is just there waiting to receive the results? so, are you saying that the Board gets the results and decides whether a candidate passed/failed and not Pearson (testing center) who offers quick results (even though its unofficial)? Upon reading some of these threads, some people got their results quick and they havent received their official results yet and when they did it somehow correlated with the pvt...

    did you say you this is your 2nd sitting? what was your first experience with the pvt?

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    i chatted with someone directly from pearson vue regarding the trick and this is what he said: "it is not true, and has cost candidates $200 who do it, and pay $200 again thinking they failed, and then passed. the $200 is non refundable".

    upon reading all reviews i know it seems like it worked for everyone but i wanted to ask personally myself from someone at pearson vue.

    i guess i will just have to wait for my results...cause i was going to reregister already....until then i guess ill just start studying in case...

    iluvnursing07...did you try it???

    so..how do you explain the people who had to retake it and were able to go and register right away since it took them to the cc page? did you get a chance to ask that? because it appears that a lot of people who passed have tried this "trick" and it blocked them. and others (who did not pass) just went directly to the cc page for retake...coincidence?

    hypothetically speaking...once you are done with the test, it's already been graded by the computer..right? once the computer grades it, they already know whether one has passed or failed. and if one tries to re-register, if you can't then there is a high probability that the computer knows that you took the test and that you already passed (if you have quick results). however, if one did not pass the test, then the registration process is automatically open (assuming everything is automated). does this sound like something that makes sense?

    it's driving me nuts!

  8. I just took the NCLEX at @ 2pm and finished @ 4pm. I had between 110-115 question I dont even remember....how soon after the test can you check the PVT....I did it and got the good pop up but I dont know of it was too early...im going crazy!!!!:uhoh3::banghead:

    so, pvt worked for you? did you try it right after the test and kept on giving you the same "pop"

  9. Wow I can't believe you have to wait that long well I just took the test today and I'll be getting the "official results" in 48 hours through quick results... That's pure torture to wait days for it :S... Well you get the "good" pop up so that's still a positive aspect to all of this.. =) after seeing that darned cc page the last three times I'd have to say the "good" pop is DEFINATELY a plus!!!

    I wish you the best of luck but i have a feeling that you passed =D ... KEEP STRONG

    Thank you for the well wishes...however, my anxiety is still sky high. As I type this, I'm at the library trying to re-study (in case). At the same token, it's very difficult to focus.

    Good luck to you as well...let me know how it goes...

  10. The last three times that I've taken the test I've gone straight through to the cc page on that very day which was a couple hours after the test or basically when it said delivery successful ..but this time i wasn't let through to the cc page the good"pop up" came and no it didn't let me reregister said the message it's supposed to say to contact the member board of nursing and whatnot. I'll know the official results in 48 hours but i just know inside that i passed. Wow it's been a week and no result? that's a little too long... where are you from?

    new hampshire. i took it on Jan 26th. it still says pending on Board site. NH does not participate with quick results so I have no way of finding out. did you get your results yet? how many days, if you dont mind me asking? i'm scared as hell.....emailed board over the weekend and she told me it'll be another several days...what da heck! why cant they just tell me...

    i still get the "good" pop up and have been trying since the 26th. it's killin' me...

  11. pbaskara...so you said that you did the pvt 3 times and it redirected you to the cc page the same day after the test, and you failed? or did you have to wait several days and you kept on trying it and it lead you to the cc page? on your 4th try, it just wouldnt let you go pass the cc page? after you got your results...if you have...and passed, were you able to re-register again? or no?

    please update...thanks..i've been very anxious awaiting for my test results...its been over a week now. also, the pvt wouldn't let me re-register and i keep on getting the "pop" up.


  12. I took the exam in Mass. and it still says "pending" on NH-BON website. There are two postings on it, one is withdrawn and the other is "pending". This is my 2nd attempt. The first one is the "withdrawn" for sure since it's been there. The "pending" one is still up and that's the one I just took. No word yet from them.

    Anyhow, if you try the PVT trick do you think you can still re-register? And has any of your peers tried it? Please let me know...It's day 4 and counting.......

    I need all the luck I can get! Thanks Joelle001

  13. It worked for me, today I found out I passed and I tried the trick hours after I took the test and it would not let me pay and today my RN number was posted today. YEAH YEAH YEAH. Thank you soooo much to who ever came up with this it helped me to feel a little pressure lifted and I now believe it works.

    How come most of what I've been reading has their results posted on BON either following day after the test or two days after? My state (NH) does not participate with quick results; hence, the wait. It's been 3 days already - aaarghhh. I got the "good" pop up too. But it's scary since you guys are getting your results posted fairly quick. Anyone here been getting the PVT and got their results longer than usual? (particularly the States that are not on quick result)

  14. I was a skeptic with this, but I had to try the trick. I tried probably about 100 times over the last 48 hours. I got cut off at 75 questions and truly felt like I had failed. I had so many SATA questions and the questions were more difficult than any review book that I had worked with. I also used Feuer review and did the Live ATI, and vitual ATI review. I got the good pop blocker everytime. All that did was give me hope...which is what I really needed. It paid off.... I PASSED... GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE... I am a believer in the PVT.:yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::nurse:

    Congrats Vickyvic1! How many days after the test did you keep trying the PVT? I took my exam with New Hampshire and it's the third day (took it on Jan 26) and still not posted on Board. NH does not participate with quick results, however, I keep on getting the "good pop up". It's driving me nuts and making me think otherwise...

    My nerves are getting the best of me right now....

  15. In NH you just need to check here https://nhlicenses.nh.gov/MyLicense%20Verification/ I had my results the morning after I tested

    I have been checking NH Board for the past two days. You said yours was the following day? How about your other classmates? Did they get their results day after or waited for a while. Today's the third day and still not up. Anxious and scared. Tried the PVT thing and it won't let me re-register. I'm either taking that as a good sign or they haven't received my results yet. Have you or anyone tried the PVT?

  16. I took my Nclex RN today for the Second time and Failed!... I got 265 Questions and when I got home... I did the Pearson Vue trcik and I got the Credit Card Page.... The first time I took the test I got about 200 something questions... I really thought I was going to do better today but this time.. but I guess not!!! I just wish i new what to do to pass this exam!

    Did you get your FINAL results yet whether you passed or failed? (even though the CC page came on) Please update....

    Thanks and if you have to redo it over again...I wish you all the best.

  17. Been trying the PVT all day. Could it possibly mean that when you get the "good" pop up that your Board just received your results and that they will tell Pearson whether to open a new registration for you?

    I'm so sick to my stomach right now. I'm getting the "good" pop up and so far no results on my BON yet. Took the test on 26th and its the 28th already...

    Anyone tried this thing and did not work? I know this is probably a redundant question for most of you......this is eating me up!

    Right now as we speak...I'm at the library trying to study!

  18. Hello all....new here and would like to ask anyone who took the NCLEX-RN for the State of New Hampshire that tried the so called "Pearson Vue Trick"? If you have, can you please share with me your experience with it. Does it work? Has anyone gotten the "pop" up and they had to retake the exam? I took the exam yesterday and have been going nuts since NH BON does not participate in the quick results. Thanks...