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  1. RNboogie88

    RN back in CT...not sure what to do

    For mam01010: I've been in MedSurg for 2 years, looking into working at a Fertility Clinic...can you tell me a little about the Pro's and Cons about this transition? Thank you :)
  2. RNboogie88

    Question about IVF clinic job

    I forgot to add that it's not the same position we're interviewing for... the opening I found is nowhere near Washington DC or the East Coast...
  3. RNboogie88

    Question about IVF clinic job

    So crazy, @bailey27...i'm in the same position. I've been a Med-Surg nurse for 2 years and I'm also interviewing for a IVF clinic this week. How was the interview process? Pro's vs. Cons: I too work in a fast-paced unit. I wonder how different this would be. ? I'm also scared that I wouldn't be able to find a hospital job afterwards either. Do you have the option of working per diem in an acute care setting? I'm considering that, I'm wondering if it's possible. I don't know any RNs at IVF clinics... hopefully we'll get some posts fr RN's out there. I find the area really inspiring and I know really very little about it, it's such a subspecialty, they did not touch on it at my nursing school. I'm learn more.