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  1. Despareux

    Drug Seeking Patients

    Yes it is very disheartening, and I understand I won't cure them; nor would I want to put my energy into doing so, simply because I'm not an addiction nurse. Any time I have a patient who generally has normal baseline vitals and I suspect they may be drug seeking, I always check their vitals after they request something for pain. I do this because many times, their bp and pulse ox will fall out of normal; especially on IV pain meds. I take this as an opportunity to discuss the dangers of the adverse effects of these meds and inform them the physician will be notified of the abnormal vitals. If they claim to be allergic to acetaminophen or nsaids, then we will work together to seek alternative methods of relief, at least until their vitals reach normal values. I also set boundaries making it clear I'm not going to stand there continuing to take their vitals until they're wnl. On the other hand, if their vitals are stable and they can handle the meds, then I just give it to them, on one condition: that the pain is not a headache. If it's a headache, then most likely it's a rebound pain from the opioids and obviously giving more of those will only make their headache linger, so they get a non-narcotic for that or an ice pack or no meds until the headache subsides. There's a lot of individual factors that must be investigated before giving pain meds just because the patient asks for them. Thats our job as a nurse: investigate within the constraints of your time, and within the subjective and objective data. After a combined 7 years of ED and floor nursing, I've decided to venture into homecare. I love it because there's rarely any of that drug seeking behavior you have to deal with, and if there is, you educate, inform the doc, their family member, and other staff; and of course, make sure you chart your *** off.
  2. Despareux

    showering: before or after work

    Always after work. I shower the next day if I have it off, but if I'm working, I won't shower before work, because I don't smell bad and I'm not concerned about my own germs.
  3. Despareux

    Getting report during change of shift

    I don't think it's a good idea for a new patient to arrive right before shift change--I think it's a safety issue. I would much rather take report for the new patient and do my own assessment, rather than getting a half-assed report from the previous shift nurse who barely lays eyes on the new patient.
  4. Despareux

    Survey on infant male circumcision

    I'm not sure, but I don't think my son remembers what his father's penis looks like. I could be wrong. I cannot believe how painful the procedure was for my son. No doubt about it, he was in pain. Both my husband and I agree if we could go back and change our minds, we would have never allowed the procedure to be done. It's not my penis or my husbands, never was, and really should have left the choice up to our son. I do respect other folks choice for choosing to circumcise their infants; it's a complex familial custom you either agree with or disagree with and move on.
  5. Despareux

    Care vs Health Care (existential discussion)

    I wish I had more time to BE with my patient, to sit with them and really hear what they're telling me, but sadly, acute care just doesn't seem to allow that. By the way, Margaret Newman was my favorite nursing theorist. I really want to know how to interject her theories into my own practice. I'm hoping going into hospice care (eventually), I will be able to do that with the patient and their family.
  6. Despareux

    So disappointed in hospital RNs and MDs

    It takes 5 minutes to do a complete head to toe. How can you give a heart or BP med without first assessing the systems they're prescribed for? There is at least 5 minutes in a shift to at least do a focused assessment and inquire of other issues; especially if the pt is A&Ox4.
  7. Despareux

    How Is Your Census?

    Our census has always been low this time of year. Goes up and stays up after the holidays are over.
  8. Despareux

    Waiting for Performance Assessment Results

    I found it. Thanks.
  9. Despareux

    Waiting for Performance Assessment Results

    Thanks. I guess I'll find out tomorrow.
  10. With permission I started one of my classes today. I took the performance assessment and did not receive a score; the pop-up message stated something about my mentor contacting me about my score. I tried locating information about whether or not this is common practice, but was unsuccessful. So now I'm here, asking you... Thanks, Despareux
  11. Despareux

    Why did you become a nurse?

    Up until about 8 or so years ago, I didn't even know what a nurse was or what they did. I just knew I needed something more in my life. An acquaintance recommended nursing. I took a few years to research what nursing was all about and looked into schols and voila! Here I am. I wish I knew about nursing when I was younger. I'm fairly certain this is the career path I should have started 20 years ago.
  12. Despareux

    Phone Apps?

    Thanks. That's what I was looking for. I don't have a laptop yet, so I was hoping my phone would be an option.
  13. Despareux

    Nov 1 RN to BSN

    I start November 1st and need 49 credits to graduate. Kind of bummed about how many credits I need. Oh well, it is what it is. Anyway, I'm excited about learning new things and the prospect of potentially leaving acute care for something more community oriented.
  14. Despareux

    Phone Apps?

    Thanks. I guess I should have clarified that I'm in the RN-BSN program. I was looking for something specific for that program or a WGU app.
  15. Despareux

    Phone Apps?

    I start my BSN course work November 1st. I have a desktop computer and it's not so great. I do plan on purchasing a cheaper laptop for school, but I use my phone a lot and was wondering if I can do some of my studying via phone apps? I have a Samsung Galaxy 5.
  16. Despareux

    Healthcare for All: How Obamacare Impacts Nursing

    I've seen no difference in patients and my health insurance from work has not been impacted, YET; however, when our union contract renews, we may see an impact on our costs.

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