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  1. OK, after all these years of wanting to go to nursing school, now I have found out I have no cartilage in either shoulder. I am getting ready to start my fourth week of school. Has anyone ever heard of this? The doctor can't explain it. I have had a lot of arm pain (thought it was the fibromyalgia). My doctor does not want me in nursing school (family doctor), the doctor at the clinic who did my school physical only told me I would have to be careful lifting. How can you get through nursing school not lifting? What a blow. I am thinking I should probably change programs to something in the medical office field. I am disgusted with this news. I am 57 years old, how can I not have any cartilage left in either shoulder? I am told it is bone rubbing against bone and they don't see how I have stood the pain. I told the doctor that my body hurts all the time anyway and I have just learned to live with it without taking medication. Thanks for the listening ears.
  2. roseofKY

    Late career choice @ 35

    Hon, I just got accepted and I am 57 (will turn 58 this year) and start my nursing classes this Monday night. It is never to late to follow your dream. This is what I have wanted to do my entire life. I wish I was younger, but - I am going for it. Time will keep going by and we can just sit and say, I wish....I wish.....I wish, and by the time the years have flown by, we could have already graduated and been working. Best of luck to you sweetie!:)
  3. roseofKY

    LVN school starts Monday for me!

    Congratulations sweetie!! I also start my LPN classes this Monday night (3/29/10) and am so super excited! Keep us up todate as to how it is going. Maybe we can help each other out!
  4. I got my phone call yesterday. It is official and I start LPN classes this Monday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited as this has been a life long dream of mine. I will turn 58 this year and I have decided to go for it. I took care of my adoptive son from age 6 weeks until his death at the age of 9 1/2 years. I did his trach care, changed his g-tubes and many other things. I provided care for my dad the last 4 months of his life before he died of cancer. I have always wanted to be a nurse. I love helping people and taking care of them. I am attending night classes so this will take me two years to complete, unless I get to the point where I can attend days. I have two sons I have since adopted, they are now 9 years and 11 years old and I have had them since they were 5 months old and 2 years old. I am just so darn excited. I excelled on the TEAS test (YEAH!!!) I have taken numerous medical classes preparing for this. My goal is first LPN, then maybe on to RN, I haven't decided yet. I know one thing, you are never to old to go for your dream. Thanks to all who have listened to this rambling rose from Kentucky.
  5. roseofKY

    Any one else over 40 that went to nursing school?

    Thanks, I still stress about it, but - what the heck - I'm going for it. I'm sure you will do great!
  6. roseofKY

    Any one else over 40 that went to nursing school?

    Hi Everyone, Honey I am 57 (will turn 58 this October of 2010) and I am getting ready to start LPN school and then I want to get my RN!!! I am so excited to finally be doing this. As long as you have the desire, you can do it! Best wishes!!!