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Accepted to UCD College of Nursing, BSN; I've taught public school for 30 years and NEED at change!

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  1. Sart45

    CU Denver BSN Essay

    I am also starting CU this summer. I spent about 2 months working on my essay; I put it away for awhile and then reread it. Amazing how easy it was to condense things. It was a great idea to limit it to one page because it forces you to just write the important information without fluff! I followed directions exactly as stated: 12 pt. font and single spacing; I just put an A. B. and C. in front of each answer leaving a space between each. As far as the role of the nurse I mentioned information about personal characteristics including basic knowledge needed for today's nurse... technology, etc. It was in this question that I added information about my background. I did not include any references. Who knows what they look for when they are screening the essays. Maybe just basic writing skills...which so many people lack these days!
  2. Sart45

    People plan to work into their 70s or later

    I actually looked into LTC insurance when I was younger and the cost was absolutely ridiculous; I would of had to give up paying health insurance to get it...somehow that didn't make sense!!! Personally, I'll have to work into my my wee old age because no one else will pay the bills. And I'm on my second career. I have a 401K but lost a huge amount several years ago when things went bad with the economy;-{
  3. Sart45

    Should teachers have first aid training?

    As a public school art teacher for many years I was required to complete CPR/First Aid training; it was part of my job description. It was also required for the P.E. Teacher; classroom teachers who had students with special health needs were given direct instructions from the District Nurse (there were no school nurses...just "clinic aides")
  4. Sart45

    CCD discontinues ADN nursing program.

    I had NO idea this was happening!!! What about Arapahoe CC; they have an ADN program. But to be honest I'm not surprised with everything I've been reading about lack of hiring especially for students with an Associates.
  5. Sart45

    Who is a professional nurse?

    This is an interesting topic. I worked as a CNA for 9 months; nurses wore different scrubs (style and color) than CNA's. I always introduced myself as the Certified Nursing Assistant. Because I am older and educated (I'm a retired teacher with a BA and an MA) many, many patients "thought" I was a nurse. This happened almost daily! I don't know if it was because I was professional in my job, the way I talked, looked or whatever???
  6. I start nursing school (university) in June; we buy our own scrubs. I worked as a CNA at a hospital and we bought our own scrubs. I had one pair that I tossed in the wash as soon as I got home; I worked 12 hour shifts so didn't have a lot of time between shifts. Scrubs dry VERY quickly so I, too don't understand the problem???
  7. Sart45

    Nursing School or not?

    I was just accepted to a 2 year BSN program at a VERY competitive university (I already have a BA and an MA); I'm supposed to start in June. This is a second career choice for me. I am older and completely self supporting. After finishing all the pre-req's at a community college and working as a CNA in a hospital I'm really questioning if I want to do this? I absolutely hated 12 hour shifts; I think they are horrible (I NEVER sat down except 20minutes for lunch). Floor nursing was not what interested me even before my hospital experience. I did work in PostOp a few times and enjoyed that tremendously. I love the patients and was never "grossed" out by blood, vomit, etc which actually surprised me. The medical field intrigues me and I hate to give up this opportunity but... any suggestions out there??? Obviously I make the final decision... but curious if anyone has any words of wisdom to share.
  8. Sart45

    Help: Need Money for School

    just curious how you did this; were you paying a morgage or rent, insurance, utilitities, etc. etc. and saving money for school at the same time? i'm impressed. i start nursing school (bsn at a state university) and am planning on working part-time so i can pay my bills. i'm getting a bit concerned about money and survival.
  9. Sart45

    UC Denver Summer 2011 BSN!!!!!!!!!!

    latest on insurance...I called yesterday and actually talked to a person. If you have a GROUP plan (which I have) they will consider it even with a $1500 deductible, But I had to write a Letter of Appeal including my policy, etc. etc. I'm off to the Post Office now to put it in the mail, definately worth the time to save $3000. I'll see what happens. I really didn't mean to complain about all of this as I'm more than delighted to be accepted but I had one week to get everything done. This came so quick I didn't have time to "research" anything. Again thanks for listening.
  10. Sart45

    UC Denver Summer 2011 BSN!!!!!!!!!!

    It's all so typical isn't it!!! Glad I'm not alone in this. All these additional fees just make me crazy not to mention poor.
  11. Sart45

    UC Denver Summer 2011 BSN!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh you're not going to like this.... "HSA's are not allowable": and.... there are a bunch of other requirements that your plan must have. I printed off a page a while ago and it says that the yearly fee is $3,099. however there is a High Deductible Plan for 2,353 BUT in the comments area it reads...$2,844. is the estimated cost at this time.... Ok, now I'm really confused. Sorry to have shared this with you... You really have to search around the website to find any of this.
  12. Sart45

    UC Denver Summer 2011 BSN!!!!!!!!!!

    Well it's in the yellow packet entitled "Important Information for New Students Summer 2011". What is interesting about this is that I didn't see it anywhere on the website. It just mentions that you can waive their health insurance if you have your own; which I was planning on doing. This packet was not given to me until after I paid the confirmation fees, etc. I'm calling tomorrow but I don't think they'll give a hoot; I actually have VERY good current coverage through Anthem BC/BS so it's not like it's some goofy unknown plan!!! GEEZ...thanks for letting me know that you think this is crazy too!
  13. Sart45

    UC Denver Summer 2011 BSN!!!!!!!!!!

    Well this is an interesting side topic of my acceptance to UCD. I went down today and paid my confirmation, drug and background check fees. Also got a titer drawn for the immunization records. Thought I was done with all of that.... got my registration information and JUST read that I have to pay an additional $2,352 for health insurance. I ALREADY have health insurance BUT it is a $1,500 deductible and UCD states that you can't have a deductible greater than $1000. I can't cancel my current policy because my husband is covered under it and he is very ill. Does anyone else find this stipulation of deductible rather ridiculous. I can not afford another $2352. for something I already have! Looks like I may be pulling out and losing all the fees I just paid today. Thanks for listening.
  14. Sart45

    CCConline and your experiences?

    Your best bet is to look on the website www.ccconline.org. Financial aid is through the home school (but I know nothing about getting it for summer school). I don't think it matters which school you choose (they are listed on the website). You do have to apply to the home school but it was a matter of filling out one page online and no fees; I have a BA so I don't know if was any different for me??? I used Arapahoe Community College as my home school (I took all my pre-req's through that school). My transcripts are from that school and nothing is mentioned about the classes being online. I was just accepted to the BSN program at University of Colorado and they take all prereq's from Colorado Community Colleges without ANY problem. Also do a Search on this board for CCCOnline and you'll find more information. Oh and non resident tuition for CCCOnline is $259.30 per credit. Hope some of this helped.
  15. Sart45

    CCConline and your experiences?

    I took Intro to Chemistry this fall through CCCOnline. I was working several jobs and this was my last pre-req. I was required to get a LabPak (cost $236.00); the labs were actually fun and it was nice to do them on my own schedule. The class cost about $900.00 (5 credits). I had previously taken Online Classes through the Community College system and personally I was very pleased with them. You have to be a motivated learner and willing to do work on your own. If you have questions you can email the instructor or there is a discussion board (which has required topics to comment on). Exams are timed. You know from the beginning when tests are scheduled and you usually have several days to choose from to take them. There are several posts on this board about CCCOnline classes. I think most people had very positive experiences. I highly recommend them for those people that need an alternative to the traditional method of education. Again you must be an organized, self motivated individual. I took all my prereq's online EXCEPT Microbiology thinking it would be "better" in a classroom setting. It was NOT! If you look on the website for CCCOnline it tells you what LabPaks are needed for Micro and A & P. I know several people who took these classes and were very pleased with them. The classes are more expensive than "regular" and online community college classes. But with the cost of gas these days it probably all evens out!