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  1. MJB2010

    Is this even Legal?

    This is a terrible situation to be put in. I am not a call out person, but there is no way you can take this assignment. Is it a hospital? What type of facility? Go up the chain of command and put it all in writing ahead of time. They need to fix it before this situation happens.
  2. MJB2010

    What would you do

    I accepted a job that was supposed to be 4 days a week. Now that I have started I am told it will be 5 days a week with prime rush hour commute times. Not what I agreed to. Leadership doesn't care, just said it is what it is. I got very bad vibes discussing it. Actually ignored my emails asking to talk about it until I went and found her in person. Also before accepting the position I had requested to be out by a certain time one day next month due to a scheduling conflict and HR emailed me saying it would be ok. Now I am being told it is not ok, and they need me to stay 30 minutes past that time even thought it will still be orientation. I really want to just quit but I have to find another position. And this position seems like a nice area to work in. I do not want to go back to my previous one, I was happy to move on after 8 years. It was three 12 hour shifts so I may end up trying to go back, but my day shift got grabbed I would have to do nights. Here is the good news, I applied for several other jobs and have gotten a call to set up an interview for one place and a phone interview for another . Phone interview I can do at lunch. But for an in person interview? Do I call out sick? Do I make an excuse and go in late? Get sick and leave early? I have NEVER been one to call in sick and it causes me guilt and anxiety to do so, but how else will I interview for jobs while on a 5 day work week? Sometimes the grass is not greener.
  3. MJB2010

    Looking after Dialysis patients during a hospital admission

    I enjoyed working in dialysis, all the things I did not like were not related to the patients. I enjoyed the patients and getting to know them and their families. I liked knowing their routines and having certain social groups of patients who enjoyed spending time together. It was very hard when you lose one. Hard on the staff and other patients, everyone feels the loss. We were not secretive about it, we grieved together. I did not like the long 16 hour shifts, the constant understaffing, and the assembly line mentality. There are a lot of good people working in dialysis and with dialysis patients, so don't assume we are all dismissive and don't get it. Many of us do get it. I know I can't speak for all.
  4. MJB2010

    job offer questions...

    I always ask for a formal written offer letter. Anything offered to you, vaca days, particular shift, and rate of pay need to be included. I got burned once by an offer letter that was too vague, as I was offered a day shift and when I got my schedule it was for nights. I called about it and was told somoene else had wanted days so she swapped us and didnt understand why it was a big deal.Um hello, overnights? Needless to say, I stayed at my old job which was akward after giving notice.
  5. I think we all feel this way at our first nursing job! The real world of nursing is like getting smacked in the face, nothing like nursing school at all. I would suggest sticking it out for now, but keep on submitting apps until you can try something different. You might just be better suited for a different type of floor/setting. Don't beat yourself up. what you are feeling unfortunately is normal for us. My first job was awful, I cried all the time and could not sleep. I went home worrying about mistakes. It gets better, just keep on showing up. It is easier to find a job when you already have one. So hang on while you search for something else!
  6. :eek:I think nursing has really aged me. I have a very long commute, over an hour and I work 12 hour shifts which as you know can turn into 14 some days. I have been steadily gaining weight, I look and feel awful. My ankles are swelling and sore, my knees are killing me so even on my days off I just want to rest. I hobble around after 3 shifts in a row. Anyone else experience this? I know I need to hit the gym, but my body hurts. I barely eat at all during my shifts, then watch out! I make up for it after! Then I sleep......... I am a mess. I am working on improving my diet. But it doesnt seem to be making much of a difference yet. So I guess I need some advice. I am getting heavier, which only makes my ankles and knees hurt more. But I am too tired and broken to exercise. How do you keep up your health? Does it get better? I am still in my first year, will my body get used to this? I am supposed to get married next year and I look and feel my worst!
  7. MJB2010

    Is it possible to study abroad as a Nursing major...?

    You could always do a summer abroad program if the semesters are too restrictive. I think a study abroad program is a life experience everyone should have if they can afford it.
  8. MJB2010

    My reality of becoming an RN

    Wow, I am in a similar boat! I relocated for my first job and rented out my home as well which turned out to be a disaster. It is not a good idea to be an out of state landlord!! I will never rent out my home again. Fortunately I am hoping to move back in the next couple of months! Did you get your old job back OP?
  9. MJB2010

    Lot's Of RN Jobs, Experience Not Required

    Thoughtful of you to share!
  10. MJB2010

    FT job but travel nurse in summer?

    Highly doubtful. I can't imagine any job, other than teaching, that would allow you to have every summer off.
  11. MJB2010

    Entry level pay rate for RN in Atlanta

    New grads can make anywhere from 18-23 to start plus differentials. I started at 22. Most hospitals offer new grad programs- Piedmont, Northside, Gwinnet, Emory, Wellstar. What part of Atlanta will you be living in? Endorsement takes a long time. Plan for double what they tell you. Many of the new grad programs require a 2 year commmitment with a fine if you leave. I was not willing to sign any contracts. I hear that Grady hires new grads without contracts, but I never applied there. I would try to apply to the area you plan to live, commuting to Atlanta is awful.
  12. MJB2010

    Switching from dialysis nurse to any other department

    She has a very valid concern. Once in dialysis, it would behard to transition into anything else. I hear you either love or hate dialysis and I am new to the specialty but I can see how some could hate it. There is a lot you can do within the specialty, would she be starting in acute or chronic? She could later train for PD, home hemo, chronic, acute etc etc IF she likes dialysis. I am grateful for my med surg background since I think I will be losing these skills in the chronic dialysis setting. It would be hard to start in dialysis and transition to hosptial I think.
  13. MJB2010

    How long did it take to get use to working nights?

    I never got used to it. I had a terrible time trying to sleep during the day. I did however do better when working 3 in a row because after that first 12 I could go home and go right to sleep, after the second it was even easier to sleep, and by the third I was out cold. That 4th day was a total loss after 3 though. The first shift of the week was always tough though!
  14. MJB2010


    Do what you need to do to make sure you know how many of each drug are left. If someone tries to rush you or brush by it, they might be suspect. Dont trust anyone. We had a man come talk to our nursing class, he said new grads are the easiest to use to steal narcs. Protect yourself. Do what you know is right. If they get mad that they have to slow down, too bad they will get over it.
  15. Dont be so quick to judge. You are potentially setting yourself up for a very rude awakening. Better to prepare yourself now. If you start on a floor with this kind of 'tude you will get eaten alive and no one wants to see that happen to you or anyone else. Until you have walked a mile in our shoes........