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Neese80! LPN

Adult Medicine; OB/GYN
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Neese80! has 6 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Adult Medicine; OB/GYN.

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  1. Neese80!

    Passed FCCA 274 Head to Toe

    Hey AllNurses Fam! I passed the FCCA 274A Head to Toe exam today! I am so excited, but I still have another one to pass. Back to studying. We got this ya'll!
  2. Neese80!

    Kennesaw State University FNP

  3. Neese80!

    Passed CPNE 2018!

    Congrats on passing the CPNE! You def persevered.
  4. Neese80!


    Congrats!! On your way to CPNE, you have got this!!!
  5. Neese80!

    FCCA 274A

  6. Neese80!

    Georgia graduate

    Good evening, Have you thought about taking the NCLEX in another state and then getting your RN via endorsement in Georgia? I have read about other EC ADN graduates doing this, but unsure if the preceptorship still applies?
  7. Neese80!

    Passed FCCA 2016!

    Congrats! All of your hard work is paying off!
  8. Neese80!

    Onward and upward!

    I am taking this exam next. How was it? Were you successful?
  9. Neese80!

    new to Maryland help!

    Hello any luck yet? I applied for endorsement there too and wanted to know the timeframe if you have heard yet. Thanks.
  10. Neese80!

    I took NCLEX-PN today

  11. Neese80!

    I took NCLEX today!!!

  12. Neese80!

    I took NCLEX-PN today

    Have u applied anywhere yet?
  13. Neese80!

    I took NCLEX-PN today

  14. Neese80!

    I took NCLEX today!!!

    I graduated Dec 14 and took my exam the 29! I couldnt believe how fast my process took! Im the only one from my class that actually tested, but two others have received their ATTs. We r in GA
  15. Neese80!

    I took NCLEX today!!!

    Thanks bunches