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    Passed FCCA 274 Head to Toe

    Hey AllNurses Fam! I passed the FCCA 274A Head to Toe exam today! I am so excited, but I still have another one to pass. Back to studying. We got this ya'll!
  2. Neese80!

    Passed FCCA 274 Head to Toe

    @Dy-no-mite Nurse1 the FCCA is not taken at Pearson Vue. The test is timed. Hope that helps.
  3. Neese80!

    Passed FCCA 274 Head to Toe

    Great news! I passed FCCA 274C on Saturday!!!! Now its time to conquer the CPNE!!!
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    Congrats! Job well done!
  5. Neese80!

    Passed FCCA

    Congrats!!!! You got this!
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    Atlanta Lpn Nursing Schools Is A Hot Mess

    futurenursepink is ure cousin already taking the occupational courses at Atlanta Tech? If so how long was he/she on their waiting list?
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    Atlanta Lpn Nursing Schools Is A Hot Mess

    Thanks for the information! I applied for the lpn program in 2007!!! I was told that I'd be called when a spot opened. It is now 2010 and I had to reapply to the program again and my spot on the waiting list is ?????? lol No one there is on the same page, paperwork is lost etc.. i just hope that when I do get accepted, my grades will speak for themselves and the proff. will be more organized than Admissions!!!
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    The "I HATE IT WHEN..." thread for students!!

    Originally Posted by bwrn2b The patient that you and your partners just finished showering poops in the shower. That is a hot mess and funny as heck!
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    LPN Program Chattahoochee Tech

    Thanks guys giving me so much hope in the pre reqs that they req for program I have a 4.0, still need to take Teas though
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    Chattahoochee Tech

    Not sure about RN program, I am going for LPN which they are licensed for.
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    CNA while in nursing school?

    Thanks for asking this question I want to do the same thing! I want to do it for the experience as well ; so that I am not a nervous wreck when its time for clinicals.
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    Chattahoochee Tech

    I just moved to Cartersville GA are any of the classes offered at the north metro campus? I am applying for the LPN program Spring 2010; all pre reqs complete. with gpa of 4.0; Just need to to take TEAS exam:yeah: