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  1. banannabag

    extreme anxiey...need advice

    I have been having ALOT of anxiety ever since getting into this program. I worry over EVERYTHING. I am paranoid that i will forget to call in for my urine or to send in some paperwork . I am very fearful that I won't survive the next three years with ALL these new obligations in addition to the old obligations I still have such as raising my children and working full time nights and cooking, cleaning, bills, etc.. I also quit smoking 7 months ago when the *!@# hit the fan and i think i regret that decision because smoking a ciggarette would help me deal with all this anxiety, however, I would be a fool to go back to smoking so that is NOT an option. The last time I quit smoking though, my doctor had to prescribe me celexa to help with my anxiety at that time. I think something like that might help me now but I am afraid to talk to my physician about it and get the prescription because it mat cause PNAP/VRP to think I am having difficulty dealing with my recovery or that I may relapse (which is the FARTHEST thing from happening). I just would like some advice on how to go about dealing with this or should I continue to just pray about it and kind of suck-it-up with no intervention or meds?
  2. banannabag

    IPN affecting other professional licenses.

    I agree with you about feeling like these programs treat you like a criminal. I got put into the program for smoking some pot on vacation far far away from work and now this whole thing has taken over my life for the next three years! I know if i had gotten caught by the law the sentence would have been ALOT less.
  3. banannabag

    success rate for VRP type programs

    Thanx for the workd of encouragement....Lord knows I need them. And. You are right that acceptance is the key because that is my biggest issue right now. I am praying and rreading me bible daily and I am confident that I will get there eventually.
  4. banannabag

    success rate for VRP type programs

    I'm curious to know how many nurses who enter into monitored programs actually are sucrssful in completing them. I just entered into one myself and am overwhelmed worrying about how and if there will ever be a day when I won't have to worry if I called firstlab or made enough meetings for the month and remembered to send the paper in or the fifty other things I seem to now worry about since I got into the program.
  5. banannabag

    hand sanitizer

    I think the concern is that because it has etoh in it that you may be tempted to drink it. It does not cause a positive drug screen by only using it for hand cleansing. I use it at work all the time and have gone right after work for a urine and not had a problem. Hope that answers your question. Also you can ask your CW .
  6. banannabag


    Thanks for responding. I suppose I really should be grateful but three years is a loooong time for a mistake like the one I made...and believe me I am very remorseful and if I could. Get a redo I would. NEVER have done what I did. I just needed to vent .
  7. banannabag


    Hi, I have just spent alot of time reading on this site and I would like to tell my story. I have been a RN for about 20 years and have always been a party-girl. I have NEVER gone to work after taking ANYTHING. However, I was on vacation and did smoke some pot with a friend. Three days later when i went back to work aparently someone had called my job and reported this to them. I was honest and admitted what i did to them and voluntarily gave them a urine which did come back + for THC (the amount so small it did not register as + on an over-the-counter drug screen). I was FRANTIC and went to EAP and was them referred to a drug and ETOH counsler who evaluated me and determined that I needed a 28 DAY INPT REHAB. I did what everyone told me (even though i feel the in-pt rehab was over-the-top since I tested negative for EVERYTHING on admission) I am now in VRP and PNAP for the next three years and feel as though my life has been ripped away from me! I have to go to all these meetings and I never used ETOH or DRUGS like that. I feel that this is maybe not worth it. I have no problem not taking anything ever again but the things they require are too too much. Sorry to vent but feel that maybe some of you will understand my frustration.