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Adele_Michal7 has 5 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Pediatric.

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  1. Adele_Michal7

    Wall of Shame

    That is something my former don would do!! That is definitely messed up, and I could see it really disturbing visitors/family members (to say nothing of what would happen if a state surveyor saw it!!!)
  2. Adele_Michal7

    Disrespectful patient

    True! In my 7 years I've learned that trying to get that last word in, or even reason with, a patient, rarely produces a positive outcome.
  3. Adele_Michal7

    Disrespectful patient

    You were wildly inappropriate.
  4. Adele_Michal7

    Medication Pass Competency

    I'll take a look through my papers. I might have one. :)
  5. Adele_Michal7

    Really?!? That's what you think is important?

    Omgoodness. Where I work, we DEFINITELY need a consent form for an influenza vaccine. Not to mention an MD order and VS monitoring for 72 hours afterward.
  6. Adele_Michal7


    From my understanding where I work, whoever does the initial assessment- does the best they can do with their knowledge base. Then when the wound care nurse goes to do THEIR assessment, they determine if the initial assessment was on target or if it needs to be re-classified. For example- an I.A. that states a wound is a stage 2; but the WCN declares it a sDTI. Does that help?
  7. Adele_Michal7

    LTC Nurse to resident ratio

    It's hard to say. It really depends on the 30 patients, but from what you've described, it sounds like they are med-heavy and involved. I work in a SNF/post acute rehab and depending on census- have 20-25. I can not imagine 30. As it is, I get out anywhere to 30 minutes to 3 hours late depending upon what transpired during my shift (COC, admission, having a fall, etc.) I wonder how people get it all done.
  8. Adele_Michal7

    Bermuda Triangle of lost supplies?!?

    Sadly I have resorted to this too. Management gets angry when they find stashes like this. But what can I do?!
  9. Adele_Michal7

    Do others follow this practice?

  10. Adele_Michal7

    Nursing T-Shirt/Hoodie

    Are nurses not allowed to drink? I'm confused. Lol.
  11. Adele_Michal7

    Stephen King Readers Thread

    One of my favorite SK short stories ever- "Everything's Eventual."
  12. Adele_Michal7

    Would You Report Me for This?

    Yes, I would have. On my unit, if we have patients who insist on bedside meds being left- we get a doctor's order for it.
  13. Adele_Michal7

    Stephen King Readers Thread

    I'm reading Finders Keepers now. I loved Mr. Mercedes. I was hoping for a prequel and more on Brady! What a villain.
  14. 47-52 on day shift is insanely unsafe.
  15. Adele_Michal7

    Wearing skirts as a nurse

    It just boggles my mind.
  16. Adele_Michal7

    Wearing skirts as a nurse

    I agree, and the people that claim this belief, better adhere to all the other OT tenets, like women can not wear makeup and jewelry, must have long hair, etc...