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  1. Iggy123

    Endo - TSH levels?

    no from what I recall the pt denied having any classic hypothyroid symptoms. I have been researching this on the side a big as I wasn't too familiar with all the thyroid issues before and from what I have read people have said it depends on the person some people feel awful at a TSH of 4 and others can be like 10 and not really feel anything Do you think it may just be a cause of only treating when the person is symptomatic? I have been told that before too...
  2. Iggy123

    Endo - TSH levels?

  3. Iggy123

    Endo - TSH levels?

    I had a pt whos TSH level came back at 3.5, other labs normal...now according to the newer reccommendations regarding hypothyroidism thats technically a high TSH level. Well I was told by the resident that they don't consider this a high level until it hits 5 or 6, etc...but from what I have looked up online for the new rsch, some websites say anything over 2 is high and then some say anything over 3 is high and that the pt should be treated for hypothyroidism What does the lab at your hospital say re: TSH levels? I find this very confusing as there is so many "recommendations" about what an acceptable TSH level is. Was wondering what other labs/MD's do or what you have experienced on your unit I never knew there was so much controversy over TSH results before!
  4. Iggy123

    Which is the first priority physiologic needs or safety?

    Safety would definetly be first in this situation...who cares if the pt gets a good night sleep if she cracks her head open on the floor when she falls...use the bed alarm or if possible get a family member or paid sitter to stay with the patient instead
  5. Iggy123

    Been Living A Sendentary Life

    I feel your pain! Im 5 foot 4 and I currently weight 175 lbs .... I used to weigh 115 lbs before I started nursing school. I feel SO out of shape right now. I had my body fat % tested and its at 42%! WAY TOO HIGH, and Im only 24 years old! I would love to lose about 50 to 60 pounds but it just seems to daunting...I work 4 on 5 off and I am exhausted. I only could work out on my days off and even then probably only 2 or 3 days at the most because I would need time to recover.
  6. Iggy123

    Question about 10cc syringes and picc/ports

    I have heard this too, in my nursing books and in my hospital policy BUT then why do we have 3 cc Heparin Locks then??? RNs use them all the time to hep lock PICCS!
  7. Sorry forgot to add: I meant to write too that if you know you have been checking all the orders, you dont have to go through ALL the orders every time just the ones you haven't done if youve been off Say you work 5 days then you are off for 21 days, then the next time you would be working you would check the last 21 days that you werent there...
  8. RN's (me included) are confused about this...most nurses just do 24 hr chart checks only for new orders within the last 24 hr time period. Others report that we have to check ALL orders from the beginning of pt's admission and ensure everything is correctly transcribed so that no errors are made. This includes meds, tests, etc basically every doctor's orders. How does it work at your hospital? Just curious to hear what other RN's do... I thought the point of 24 hr chart checks is that staff are doing them every night so theres no point of having to go through allllll the way back. And it takes a super long time if this is required
  9. I was wondering if anyone could help explain what the causes of elevated alk phos only (all other BW results normal) would be? I would think it would be liver damage but all other enzymes are WNL.
  10. Iggy123

    370$ to renew my annual nursing license! AHHH

    I'll have to call CRNBC...I don't know if we get malpractice insurance? I thought we just paid for the licenes renewal It would be nice if for the cost they would throw some extras in!
  11. Iggy123

    370$ to renew my annual nursing license! AHHH

    The Canadian dollar is pretty high now...370$ CDN = 355$ as of today. The lapse fee is seperate...the annual license fee is actually 370$. I guess ill stop whining now about it tho! Its just sucky Quote: Wellll thats with funny money. With the exchange rate, minus your lapse fee it doesn't seem that high. Well compared to Texas its a bit pricey
  12. Iggy123

    370$ to renew my annual nursing license! AHHH

    Geez you all are making me cry! :) lol I wish ours was that cheap. I checked with my friends who live in another province and they only pay 120$ a year...grrrr
  13. Iggy123

    370$ to renew my annual nursing license! AHHH

    I live in BC Canada I just posted the link for the renewal page in my original post. Its a YEARLY fee!!!
  14. Wow! I just got an email to renew my annual nursing license and I almost cried...its 370! I am a new grad so this is my first time I figured 125$ at the most but I almost stroked when I saw the cost!!! It says 158 for re instatement fees so I am guessing thats if you let you license lapse but it says 370$ for yearly 2010 license renewal for practicing registered nurse. Dang Unless someone can see otherwise, it is what I think it is! I live in British Columbia Canada. Seriously how much does it really cost to renew a practicing license? It's a piece of paper https://www.crnbc.ca/Registration/Fees/Pages/FeesMarch2010.aspx Edit: I dont feel as bad now...Saskatchewan charges 535$ to renew your annual license as far I can see unless I am reading it wrong on their website...
  15. Iggy123

    "My child won't eat"- documentary

    I just started watching this UK documentary and I can't imagine having a kid who only eats 15 chocolate squares and 10 chocolate fingers for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! First of all, I think parents encourage this if they are willing to let their child eat this...if it wasn't available they wouldn't have the option of doing this...its almost like they are saying its ok for them to eat like this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOdoF5ey69o&feature=related
  16. Iggy123

    How to document sleeping on night shift

    Yea I used to write continue to monitor for a looong time until I found out we werent supposed to do so. Same thing with writing "error" in a pt chart...if you write in the wrong chart for example I read that we can't write ERROR...we are supposed to write void, delete, etc...instead bc error can be shown as a lack or error in actual care *** hah. Hospitals should give new hires a legal documentation class it would probably be very helpful!!!