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PACU with prior CVICU/ICU/ER experience
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LynnieVRN has 25 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in PACU with prior CVICU/ICU/ER experience.

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    Day 7: 2016 Nurses Week Caption Contest

    "It's moving!!"
  2. LynnieVRN

    Day 5: 2016 Nurses Week Mashup Contest

    When your Charge Nurse asks you to take a Dinner Break, but she really means "Linner Break" because it's after lunch but too early for dinner.
  3. LynnieVRN

    Day 3: 2016 Nurses Week Meme Contest

    Praise to the Nursing Gods!
  4. LynnieVRN

    Day 1: 2016 Nurses Week Caption Contest

    "I can help make you feel better!"
  5. LynnieVRN

    Day 4: 2016 Nurses Week Top 5 Things Contest

    1. Flexibility. Things can change in a moment's notice and rigid methodologies do not work well in this profession. 2. Compassion. Regardless of the time constraints that we face, small connections with your patients that show compassion and empathy are opportunities that should be sought out and are possible. 3. Care for the Caregiver. As a Caregiver we need to rejuvenate ourselves in order to be effective at what we do. Burnout is real. We need to do things for ourselves that replenish our soul (i.e. massage, exercise, hobbies, preventative care, etc.) 4. Assertive Communication. When we learn how to communicate effectively with patients and peers, stress is avoided in many situations. Interpersonal communication/active listening requires effort, but eliminates misunderstandings and decreases tension in an already stressful environment. It helps to deliver quality care with handoffs, codes and day to day interaction with interdisciplinary teams. 5. Nurses do it from the heart. This profession cannot be about salary alone. In other words, if you don't like making a difference, can't tolerate the challenging aspects of this profession and don't look forward to going to work, then it may not be the profession for you. Nursing is the act of caring. If that is not relayed to our patients, then we have fallen short of the expectation and give our profession a bad reputation.