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  1. jostjlAZ

    ATI testing

    Senior 1 and Senior 2. I think all of the programs have basically the same game plan- Peds/OB/Community, then I think Med-Surg/Critical Care SR2. Because we have classes starting year-round and a lot of us have other degrees, we always say Jr 1 and 2, Sr 1 and 2.
  2. jostjlAZ

    ATI testing

    Do any SR2 students still have their study guides for the SR1 ATI tests? ATI is apparently not providing them this year.
  3. jostjlAZ

    eBooks?? worth the $$??

    I am starting nursing school Jr1 in January. I am trying to decide if it is worth the extra $200 for the ebook package. It's a lot of books. It would be nice just to have my laptop. Do you use the books a lot in class? Has anyone tried the ebook packages? Which did you find you used more? Any opinions are appreciated.