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  1. I'm not sure what the free online 3500 review is. Could you please direct me to where this is. Thanks,
  2. Hi guys, Just wondered if anyone had some input on whether I should buy the $499 Kaplan Review with QBank again. Already had the review and did many many questions but unfortunately failed twice. I felt really good using the resources but obviously missed something. Does anyone think I would benefit from using it again. Or should I just get a Kaplan study book with CD, a prioritizin and delegation book and maybe Nclex 4000 questions or Nclex made easy with 3500 question. Thanks, Katie:coollook:
  3. kadedid40

    Suggestions for study material

    Thank you, But I did find out today I failed. So I'll try again in January. I figure I could feel sorry for myself or find a new study plan, possibily some new books and try again. After all, I didnt go to nursing school to quit now.
  4. kadedid40

    I Passed!!!-Ever felt down about NCLEX You Must ReadThis!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just read the most uplifting story of success. I just found out today that I too failed for the 2nd time. I will take it again in January as well. Dont know exactly what my new study plan will be, or what new books I will buy to study. Took Kaplan, but not sure if I will pay $449 again. I may check into a new online review or study review. All I do know is I have worked hard for 3 1/2 years to become an RN and will not quit. I willl not let a test beat me. I am new to this site, so I welcome any suggestions to help me pass my boards. Katie:jester:
  5. Sadly, I agree with every posting before this. I have recently graduated from nursing school and remember many times disagreeing with my instructor or many things like grades or papers. Having many conversations with my husband about my feelings of a situation - I can still hear his reply. She's the instructor. So my advice is let it go. It could only haunt you later. Another piece of advice that was always given to our class from the instructor. Don't wait until the last minute to complete the paper. You never know what could happen and there are not excuses. You have plenty of time to get it done. If you cant get to the writing center, then have a friend proof read it - better yet maybe two. Best of luck with your instructor.
  6. kadedid40

    January NCLEX Study Group!

    Well, I may be in with you guys for january as well. Took it yesterday 11/19/09 and really dont feel good about it at all. Got the dreaded 265 questions. This was my second time around. I was pretty devastated after the test was finally done. But, I dont know for sure yet. I took the Kaplan 2 week review with the access to all the questions and content. It was very helpful, however some of the prioritizing questions I got yesterday were so over the top and not really close to what I had been studying. I really felt very confident going in. Not saying that all was lost, I actually knew some answers to some questions without questioning myself. If I dont pass, I plan on purchasing that delagation and prioritizing book, I have saunders comprehensive review, I may pruchase saunders Q & A or even buy a Kaplan book with CD. Anyone with any suggestions, I would sure appreciate. Katie
  7. kadedid40

    Suggestions for study material

    thank you for the advice.
  8. kadedid40

    Help with passing nclex RN boards

    :oJust an appology to the site. I posted that I had graduated in May with an AS degree and now was an RN. I stand corrected I recently graduated in May with an AS degree in nursing as an RN. I want to assure everyone that I am not practicing as an RN, nor do I say I am an RN. My badge that I wear while at work in my hospital clearly states LPN. I am new to this site and was wanting to find friends/nurses that I could find support and advice in when the glass is half empty. It was pretty devastating to me yesterday when on my second attempt at the Nclex exam for RN I got 265 questions again, especially after putting everything you have into studying, hoping the end result you would come out a winner. I really dont know the results yet, but will soon. So I am trying to stay positive. Again, I appologize if I offended anyone that frequents this site. That was not my intention at all
  9. kadedid40

    Suggestions for study material

    Any comments on purchasing Hurst. Took the Kaplan review and used their access to questions, but have taken the RN exam now twice. Dont really know the results of my last test yet, but I am really nervous - got the dreaded 265 AGAIN. Anyways, I am looking at new ways to study again. Thinking about purchasing the prioritizing, delegation book and possibily hurst. But $300 is alot after I have spent $500 for Kaplan and two times to take the exam. I have the saunders comprehensive, but might look at Q&A saunders. Any infor or advice would be greatly appreciated. Katie PS. What suggestions would any of you say I should study more. Both tests were totally different. New drugs that I have never seen, an prioritizing with at least 2/3 patients in one answer. Oh and didnt look at parathyroid gland and guess what. you got it - many questions.
  10. kadedid40

    Help with passing nclex RN boards

    Help anyone. I have just recently graduated in May with an AS degree in nursing, so I am now an RN finally at age 50. I have taken boards once in July and got the entire 265 questions and did not pass. I wasn't devastated just a little disappointed, because I knew I had studied 110% and gave it my very best. And the worst thing to happen is I would just have to take it again. Well after a fablulous trip to Hawaii and time to settle down, I began studying again to take boards today. Again studying and doing everything I knew that would help me pass. Unfortunately I received the 265 questions again, only this time I am heartbroken and totally stressed. It is so hard to sit there in front of that computer and answer questions for 4 hours. After a while everything seems to just mush together. I found myself saying OMG, not again, but would then bring myself back to the test. I do not know the results yet, as I keep reading the pamphlet that says the amount of questions doesn't mean pass or fail. I am trying to be positive, I currently work at a hospital on the med/surge floor as an LPN and have been since before graduation. I love my job, I am a very good nurse and am accepted by my peers. However, the thought of having to take nclex again is like I'd rather cut my leg off, but I know I will do it, if need be cause I set out 3 1/2 years ago to be a registered nurse. My question to anyone of you fabulous nurses out there, what else can I do, what else can I study or what other study guides can I buy. I paid to go to the Kaplan prep test and have all the questions readily available, at which I used alot but I still dont have my license. I know I might be stressing with no need, since I wont know the results until Saturday morning. But passing nclex boards is the goal I so desperately want to complete. Any suggestions, I would be so grateful. Katie