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  1. ilovelei

    CHE Northridge Hospital

    congrats!!!!! hope you do well on your interview!
  2. ilovelei

    Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    I know!!! sometimes I just want to scream!!!
  3. ilovelei


    1) working on weekends 2) working on holidays 3) might catch something and bring it home
  4. ilovelei

    Commuting opinions

    I live in a big city where theres a lot of hospitals around to apply for jobs. But with today's economy, a lot of my classmates have relocated or have applied at further hospitals just so they can start working or gain some experience. I have friends who works 50 miles away from their home. They would rent a room monthly and stay there for three days straight and come back down to spend the rest of their 4 days off at home. And after 7 months of experience, some are going back to school and applying to hospitals in the city. I say go for it. After you're done with your 12 hour shift for the day you'll be tired and would just want to rest anyways. Any experience would be great. You're not alone. A lot of other new grads and experienced nurses are commuting to work. Congratulations on your job!
  5. ilovelei

    New Grads with No Job...Back to School???

    I graduated June of 2009 with my associates. I'm hoping to go back to school Fall of 10'. I say a higher education is always better no matter what.
  6. ilovelei

    New grad and NO JOBS!!

    I too have been having problems landing a job in a hospital. A lot of people are telling me to just find something and others are telling me to wait. I'm sooo frustrated. I have a baby and I have bills to pay.
  7. ilovelei

    LVN before RN? Should I? Help!

    go for your rn. my sister took her lvn license first n got accepted to a nursing program which had her start from the first sem! now she's justworking to pay off her lvn tuition!
  8. ilovelei

    CHE Northridge Hospital

    hi guys! I was wondering if any of u guysapplied for northridge hospitals new grad program? I'm wondering if they've started calling students forinterviews yet?
  9. ilovelei

    Before nursing school I wish I knew.....?

    I wish I would have relaxed more during my nursing school. Don't forget to take the time to relax and see your friends and family. It would definitely HELP!!!!
  10. ilovelei

    Strange interview question

    I think it's a question regarding your character." If you are a team player. " But if I was in your situation and I was asked the same question, I probably wouldn't have get it as well after a few seconds. You answered your interviewer well.
  11. ilovelei

    Getting married and want to go to nursing school

    I think you should wait off until after nursing school , not cuz I don't think you can do it, BUT I think you'll get to enjoy marriage more after graduation. You'll be swamped with school work that the next thing you know you guys have been married for a yr or two.
  12. ilovelei

    New Grad, Newly Licensed, ready for a job!

    hello :) I was wondering if you accepted that offer to work for American Laser? I was recently offered a full time position there as well. I'am currently now in your situation. I don't know which road to take. It's hard to get into any new grad programs nowadays. I'm even having some bad luck getting a job at a LTC facility. They too are not hiring as well in my area. I'm glad that I was offered a job from ALC but I'm afraid I'll get too comfortable or this experience will make me forget the stuff I learned in Nursing Schools.
  13. ilovelei

    american laser center

    hi!!! o you work for american laser? I got an offer to work for them full time and i was wondering if you can give me some of your opinions and thoughts about working there? :)
  14. can someone also pm me the hire me lists? thank you soo much