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sunnycalifRN has 6 years experience.

former resp therapist (10 yrs) who transitioned to nursing. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, went to med school for two years (1970's)

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  1. sunnycalifRN

    Are shy and quiet people not allowed to be nurses?

    Yes, SHY people as well as SHORT people are NOT ALLOWED to be nurses!! Just kidding!! I'm both and I do just fine, thank you.
  2. sunnycalifRN

    ICU nursing books

    Without a doubt, one of the most readable, yet informative is: Notes on ICU Nursing: Critical Care FAQ Files From the MICU It is written by Mark Hammerschmidt and Jayne Mulholland and can be ordered on icufaqs.org. The website has all the FAQ files, also. Oops!! Sorry, I didn't read your post carefully!! I'm sure you already know about their book!! And, BTW, the Fast Facts series by Kathy White is good, and I got the iPhone version, but I find that I never refer to it.
  3. sunnycalifRN

    Becoming a Nurse After 40

    I started nursing at age 55 but I don't regret it one bit. You can always look back and say, "I should of . . ." but it doesn't change the past and it's not very constructive. Just live for the present and make your future.
  4. sunnycalifRN

    What career did you have before nursing?

    Before nursing, was a respiratory therapist for 10 yrs. Great preparation for working in ICU! Before that, worked in high tech for 14+ yrs.
  5. I saw it occur in the Bay area . . . during the "dot-com" boom, when many folks were quitting their "day jobs" . . . the local nursing program I attended only had a dozen students enrolled.
  6. sunnycalifRN


    Oops. Addendum to the prior post. ABG's are also used to assess oxygenation. I'll let someone else talk about that.
  7. sunnycalifRN


    at a very basic level: First, look at the pH value: if next, check the pCO2 and the HCO3 for the cause of the acidosis: if pCO2 is > 45, it's respiratory; if HCO3 is and, if both conditions exist, it's a mixed acidosis and vice versa for an alkalosis. This is very simplistic and there are many, many "acute on chronic" situations that are more complicated. Hope this helps.
  8. sunnycalifRN

    Blood admin question

    Agreed!! As busy as we can get, it would be too easy to spike the blood at the nurse's station and walk into the wrong patient's room!! Always do the check at the bedside, just prior to spiking and hanging.
  9. sunnycalifRN

    Not a waitress or barista

    Yup, seen this from time to time. We've gotten our inappropriate ICU admissions who are putting in their coffee orders before they're transferred off the gurney!! We just ignore the coffee orders and tell them they're NPO!!
  10. sunnycalifRN

    2 step TB skin testing every year?

    We are required to get a Quantiferon TB test annually. This requires a blood draw, but no follow-up "reading" !
  11. sunnycalifRN

    Are some people just not cut out for ICU?

    In answer to your question, yes, some people are not cut out for ICU and your orientee is one of them. She should be given the boot before she kills someone!!
  12. sunnycalifRN

    Help me choose!! Respiratory or RN?

    I was an RRT for 10 years before switching to RN, so you know my bias. It is true that RRT's make less than RN. I would say go for the RN but there's nothing wrong with RRT. As I made a change from RRT to RN after 10 yrs, there's nothing stopping you from making a change, if you find that you really want a change from the career you chose.
  13. sunnycalifRN

    What can you tell me about Modesto, CA area?

    I'm a native Californian and I've only driven through Modesto on my way to the Sierras. It's not a place that I'd ever say, "Hey, let's go take a day trip to Modesto!" If you look on Google maps, you'll see that it's right in the middle of farming country in Calif's Central Valley, so it's really hot and humid in the summer. The real estate prices are not high due to the housing crisis. I'm sure that there are gang problems in certain areas but where I live, we've got them, too; most cities do, unless you're living in the Hamptons.
  14. sunnycalifRN

    How common is it at your facility to do an overtime shift?

    Very common . . . due to sick calls, short-staffing or high acuity. Some of the "OT hounds" on the unit have worked 48 hrs OT in a 2 week pay period. Apparently, it is more cost-effective to pay the OT, than hire more staff!?
  15. sunnycalifRN

    Are all nursing positions about like this?

    I recommend that you continue to shadow other nurses, in other departments. You will see that RN's do many things and have many different roles.
  16. sunnycalifRN

    how do you know if you put an iv in an artery?

    In ICU, I just transduce the line in question . . . if there's an arterial waveform, you're in an artery. But, the other suggestions also work and are much simpler.