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  1. manudelrosario

    how can i be a nurse midwife here in phillipines

    just update us the answer you will be getting from PRC. take care. Have plans to take the midwifery board also:nono:
  2. manudelrosario

    IVT Case Completion concern..

    Hi official02! Thanks for your message:up: I am also from Bulacan so I think I will not be having a hard time going there to have my training. I am just worried because the training date is exactly the date where I am going to have my midterm exams at my graduate program :argue:. I will do a way for me to be excuse in the said exam One more clarification, should I need to pay any amount for the completion of my cases?
  3. manudelrosario

    IVT Case Completion concern..

    Hi! I just arrive after I registered at Bulacan Medical Center for their Basic IVT training. I am scheduled on the latest date they have and that is January 15-17, 2009:nmbrn:
  4. manudelrosario

    AFP medical center RN residency

    does anybody know when they will resume accepting applicants again for nursing staff position?
  5. manudelrosario

    Saudi- MOH

    do you think it will be advisable to apply even though you do not have formal experience (e.g. work experience in the specified field of nursing) in emergency nursing/paramedics?
  6. manudelrosario

    which grad school should i choose? MAN or MSN?

    @ narscathy: It was really great since I will be having my very first interview with the Dean of the Graduate School. Upon seeing my credentials, he just said " welcome to TRINITY" Then they scheduled me for the entrance exam. I think the entrance exam will focus on English proficiency, IQ Test, numerical exams and an essay type of exam at the latter part. Just try inquiring again. However not for this semester but on the summer term :grpwlcm:
  7. manudelrosario

    Diploma in Health Professions Education at UP

    @ nurseharbee: Kindly inquire first at PWU or UERM if they will be giving credits to the subjects you had taken already since in TRINITY, it is always back to zero. Meaning, they do not give credits to subjects taken outside Trinity. Good start that you are planning to pursue your Diploma in Health Education. I came to a point to also take Masters in Public Health at UP Manila, however, I really need to find a job experience in terms of public health or community health nursing to qualify for the admission
  8. manudelrosario

    which grad school should i choose? MAN or MSN?

    Hi narscathy:grad: All I can share is about TUA. Their accreditation level is III. Tuition fee is around 900+ per unit. All in all, per semester fee for a 12 unit course is around Php 17, 000+ ( i am not sure with the exact figure). For a 12 unit load, it will cost you around Php 14, 000+. Quality of education I may say will depend both on the professor and the student.
  9. manudelrosario

    MAN / MSN at UERM

    My idea was that per unit tuition fee is around Php 1400. I do not have any idea about their miscellaneous fees.
  10. manudelrosario

    Diploma in Health Professions Education at UP

    @ Nurseharbee: at UPOU, you will only be allowed to take 9 units per semester. So 1 year for the whole 18 units for you to complete the program. It is done through distance learning or through online education. However, there are other Colleges that offers the whole 18 units within one sem. However, I chose to done it thru online since I am also taking up my MAN degree and hopefully to have my work as a staff nurse:typing
  11. manudelrosario

    Diploma in Health Professions Education at UP

    Hi NurseHarbee Thanks for your information. Most of the subjects for the Diploma in Health Professions Education are already the subjects I am taking up for my PTC at UPOU and at my MAN program( major in Clinical Teaching) at Trinity. However, I will still think about this after I finish all degree programs that I am having right now.
  12. manudelrosario

    Hospitals in Metro Manila Currently Hiring Nurse Applicants

    Hi Shubichilipepper! I am currently taking up my MAN program at Trinity University of Asia. Try to search the details for admission through http://www.tua.edu.ph :cheers:
  13. manudelrosario

    Diploma in Health Professions Education at UP

    and to take LET is really my goal to be a licensed teacher Hopefully I will pass all the subjects. Professors are very strict in terms of academic requirements and exams knowing that it is UP
  14. manudelrosario

    which grad school should i choose? MAN or MSN?

    @shubichilipepper : I am currrently taking up my MAN program at Trinity University of Asia. Requirements can be seen through http://www.tua.edu.ph @bettyboop09: I am not takign my MAN program at UPOU. I am taking up there Professional Teaching program ( Education Units) for me to become eligible to take the licensure exam for teachers
  15. manudelrosario

    Scholarship for Nursing Students

    is it also applicable to Nurses who are currently enrolled in their Graduate studies like MAN program?
  16. manudelrosario

    Diploma in Health Professions Education at UP

    Hi Nurseharbee! Hope it will help you a little :-) The UP Open University offers the following degree programs: Undergraduate program Associate in Arts Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies (BAMS) Post-baccalaureate Diploma programs Diploma in Social Work Diploma in Computer Science Diploma in Research and Development Management Diploma in Environment and Natural Resources Management Diploma in Science Teaching Diploma in Mathematics Teaching Diploma in Language and Literacy Education Diploma in Social Studies Education Master's programs Master in Social Work Master of Development Communication Master of Distance Education Master of Public Health Master in Hospital Administration Master of Arts in Nursing Master of Public Management Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management Master of Arts in Education (Language and Literacy Education) Master of Arts in Education (Social Studies) Master in Information Systems Doctoral program Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Biology Education, Chemistry Education, Physics Education, Mathematics Education) Nonformal courses and certificate programs, namely: Community Mental Health new Online Teaching and Learning Filipiniana Online Information Technology for Health Research Caring for the Special Child Caring for the Older Person New Enterprise Planning Personal Entrepreneural Development Introduction to E-Commerce Certificate in Barangay Administration Professional Teaching Certification Program m-learning program So your inquiry about Health Profession's Education is not specified in the UPOU program. It is indicated in UP Manila's website.