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  1. Misskala

    Which RN positions boost resume for MSN in Leadership?

    I agree with HouTx. The work you history you posted shows 1-year stints on several different units. I would suggest staying on a unit for longer, like 2-4 years, and develop from there a track history of leadership-type activities and involvements. IE Sticking with one committee over 2-3 years on the unit will teach you a lot about the purpose of the committee, and give you a chance to see outcomes of any interventions you implemented. Likewise, the longer you stay on a unit, the more you master within that one specialty area, and can function as a resource for the rest of the hospital/organization. Looking for opportunities to "be more" to your immediate surroundings is always a recipe for growth, like HouTx suggested, these are great leadership tasks to learn and master. Best wishes!
  2. I received an email stating that as long as materials are uploaded by 5/15 the application would be considered. OK, I won't hijack discussion any longer. :-) Good luck to those who are starting, and I am eager to hear more deets about the program.
  3. I'm emailing the university now to see if we can submit materials through nursingCAS and have it meet the 5/15 deadline. Will get back.
  4. trimom3- thank you for the feedback. Wow, sounds really aggravating. First, I didn't know schools were requiring the use of this; I thought nursingCAS was more like a clearinghouse search engine. Secondly, makes me nervous for the online program itself that it may have similarly low oversight.
  5. Did you submit your application through nursingCAS? I just found out about the website and am curious.
  6. Misskala


    Thank you for mentioning this website. I have to look for an online program bc my local doesn't offer the track I want (adult-gero primary). I'm curious how this website works; it's mind boggling how many programs there are!
  7. Misskala

    Why preceptors don't precept

    IsabelK, you're amazing! I would love to work with you! *subacute rehab unit RN, applying to AGPCM-NP schools. Mad love to you! *I have to say, the NP I work with is the MAIN reason I am still at my job bc she allows me to think through labs before I report to her, and will ask me my opinion on treatment plans bc she wants me to critically think though situations. Thanks for posting your thoughts on preceptorships. Something a NP student should know so to get the most out of the educational experience. And thank you all for precepting RNs, we need training.
  8. Hello! Posting to hear more info on the school. I emailed them today regarding their AGPC-NP program. :-)
  9. Misskala

    Just got my acceptance letter!

    Congrats! What school?
  10. Misskala

    Online RN-BSN

    HI! I ended up going with WGU, but considered Univ. of Louisiana too---I really liked that school a lot! Tech friendly! Like Medic2RN, I had a previous BA so at WGU I just needed BSN courses. Did it in 6 months, including practicum, and cost $3200.
  11. Misskala

    St Louis University Acute Care NP

    Any feedback on SLU programs? I was looking at the Adult-Gero Primary Care NP and am curious about the caliber/quality/repuatation of the school. TX! KT
  12. Misskala

    Any suggestion for LTC NP?

    Yes, this is what happens at the skilled care facility and sub-acute rehab unit I work in. The NP and MD do the initial admission together, then the NP does follow-up rounds and progress notes. We only have Medicare beds on the rehab unit however, but both sides are admitted with with both the NP and MD. HTH!
  13. Misskala

    New NP Blues

  14. I'm interested in hearing people's feedback on doing the FNP program wholly online. I'm looking at both formats right now. The advantage of this one online program I am considering, is that it is well paced and completes in 2 years (I'm looking at Olivet Nazarene in IL.) The biggest hesitation I have currently is missing out on simulation labs. I guess more bonding with cohorts, and during group projects might happen greatly as well in a blended program, and be a benefit for learning. I'm not convinced instruction is necessarily "better" or "more" in a face-to-face classroom environment. So I am OK with instruction being online. I completed my BSN through an accelerated online BSN completion program and did that in 6 months including practicum (but I held a previous bachelors which helped get general study classes out of the way.) So I feel like I could handle a well paced online environment. Anyway, since this IS a masters and it IS for becoming a Nurse Practitioner.....I just want to make the best choice, and get the MOST out of learning and practice. Thanks everyone for chiming in! Really looking forward to hearing your stories, the pluses and minuses, the things to look for,the pitfalls, the glory, etc. Really excited to take these next steps with other nursing professionals! Cheers! PS- planning on getting the MSN and then doing a DNP post degree.
  15. iluvgusgus--thank you! I just started orientation on neuro stepdown unit and all of what you recommended I have seen come into play. Espec. assessments! I got 1:1 training on neuro assessmt with the NP and am focusing on GCS, NIH, LOC 1st. OP, hope your preceptorship is going well!